chico the chihuahua

the chihuahua who looks like bram stoker’s dracula

dracula chihuahua! i want to suck your blood!

dear famous chihuahua,

my name is clara and this is chico the chihuahua. i took this picture of chico at halloween. it’s funny because it reminds me of bram stoker’s dracula, lol.

little chico is 12 years old and loves to snack on pup peroni and doggie cheese popcorn. his favorite play toy is his pluto plush doll and he makes me laugh when he sleeps on his back and looks like a bug that’s keeled over with it’s legs dangling in the air. little chico will also sit on hind legs and stay that way for a long time for treats, it’s the cutest thing.

i also have a second chihuahua named jingles that i got about 5 yrs after chico. i thought the two together might be problematic at first, but chico took to him right away. i remember one day coming home and jingles was soaking wet after chico had given him a tongue bath. he later started to carry him around by his neck like a mother would do. it was unbelievable.

little chico is special to me because he is a chihuahua rescue. i found him on the streets of new york at a time when i was very lonely in life. i was single and living by myself and fate brought him to me. unfortunately, he was in really bad shape and had visible marks of abuse as well as ear mites. he was also very skinny and only weighed 3 lbs.

i nursed chico back to health and since then, there hasn’t been a day that goes by where he doesn’t make me laugh. sometimes he looks at me with those big, beautiful eyes saying, thank you mommy for saving me.

clara baez of bergenfield, nj

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