chico, the long-haired rescue chihuahua mix nicknamed “chiweenie”

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just call me chiweenie

dear famous chihuahua®,

meet my chiweenie, chico! he is a long-haired chihuahua/daschund mix and is approximately 3 years old. he has so much personality, is funny, loving and gets so excited when we come home. he loves to chew on rawhides, dislikes wearing chihuahua clothes and performs what we call the “flipper dance”, where he lays on his back and waves his little flipper paws in the air!

i rescued chico in colorado about 2 years ago. when i decided to move back to maryland, he made the long trip with me and was the best traveling companion. i went through a lot of changes in my life last year and he was there with me every step of the way …loyal, protective and so full of unconditional love.

chico adapted very quickly to city living and bonded so closely with my boyfriend, sometimes i get jealous! we jokingly call him “the guy.” i’m so happy to know that i rescued a wonderful chihuahua from a bad living situation. he is now thriving, healthy and happy.

i love this little guy so much. he has been with me through not so great times and is with me now during the happiest time of my life; he is my loyal friend and companion, he epitomizes love. i simply can’t imagine life without him.

thank you for your fabulous chihuahua site!

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  1. Debbie Jones

    What a wonderful story, bless you for saving that sweet baby. He will pay you back with years of unconditional love!!!!

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