the chihuahua puppy that sleeps with her toy simba from the lion king

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sweet dreams precious little cici, your mommy loves you!

dear famous chihuahua®,

greetings! my name is chiara and this my 6 month old chihuahua puppy cici! we are from scotland. i traveled all the way to england to get little cici from a reputable chihuahua breeder!

my cici is a meat lover! she goes crazy for it and her favorite doggy treats are her pedigree markies. she plays with them for 10 minutes before actually eating them lol! cici loves playing with her plush toy simba from the lion king. as you can see she also likes sleeping with it too! she enjoys her pink fluffy squeaky bone and she squeak’s it all the time!

it’s cute when she finds something she’s not aloud to have (something that belongs to me!) and she runs like the wind to a secret place to hide it and will not let me get it from her! another funny thing she does is when we are lying down together. as soon as i yawn, she rushes up to my face and pokes her head in my mouth! i’ll never understand why she does it, lol.

once, i gave cici an empty washed out chips packet to play with because she likes the noise (i always supervise her when she plays) and as i was watching the telly, while listening to her crackling at the chips packet, suddenly the noise stopped. wondering why it stopped, i looked at her and there she was, standing perfectly still with the chips packet over her head! she sat there still for like 5 minutes because she didn’t know what was going on! it was so cute! she’s so silly.

cici is a smart little cookie. she can sit, lie down, shake a paw, roll over and stay. i’m so so proud of my little cutie. she makes me so happy and i just don’t know what i’d do without her. in my eyes, she is definitely a famous chihuahua!

thank you for your wonderful chihuahua website, little cici and i love it!


chiara giannetti of scotland

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  1. jessica

    aww this is sooo cute…..mine is the same color with a light color nose….she was very spunky as a puppy too….she put her head in a peanut butter container lol and always liked to “fight” her self in the mirror lol when she was a pup….they are definatly a fun breed

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