gigi the chihuahua

gigi, the chihuahua named after gina lollobrigida

introducing miss gigi, the chihuahua named after actress gina lollobrigida!

hello famous chihuahua,

this is gigi. she is my beautiful chihuahua named after the famous italian actress, gina lollobrigida. she is an 8 month old deer head chihuahua that i got from a reputable chihuahua breeder. i have had many breeds of dogs in my life and i have rescued several as well, but this is my first chihuahua.

when i first brought her home, i thought she was sick as she was so timid and shy. i took her with me everywhere and now, together with our two rescue boxers (missy and cassius), she is the boss!

gigi is great company and loves to come with me to work at our carpet store. she also loves riding in the car and even stays in hotel rooms with us. she is such a good girl! i got her a pink stroller and push her around in it, but exercise is better for us both. we feed her pedigree and she does well on it. her favorite stuffed toy is blue and named ‘teddy’.

we live in the southern california upper desert of yucca valley, ca. it’s about 30 minutes from palm springs where both gigi and i were born. when i was a little girl, i actually lived in the same neighborhood that my little gigi is from. today i am 52 years old!

i just love my gigi so much!

terri mcmichael of yucca valley


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  • OMG!!! I had a baby like yours and her name is Gigi. Gigi’s hair on her back is the exact same. Gigi was a rescue dog. Btw I live in woodland hills, ca. But sadly Gigi passed away because of crazy jerks that fly by in residential streets.

  • aerial erickson
    August 15, 2010 5:04 am

    your chihuahua is so cute. i have a deer head chihuahua too!

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