gucci the chihuahua

gucci, the teeny tiny blue teacup-size chihuahua that loves fashion!

did someone say designer dog clothes on sale?

dear famous chihuahua®

this is gucci! she is a 1 and a half year old petite blue teacup chihuahua and was a wonderful birthday present to me from my husband. we found this adorable blue chihuahua on craigslist, she was actually the last one of her litter!

Gucci loves to be pampered and is a true famous chihuahua model in her adorable chihuahua clothes for teacup-size toy dogs. she also enjoys snuggling and like all chihuahuas is the epitome of the phrase “lap dog!”

One of gucci’s best friends is a horse of ours named bella and she is very obedient with our 2 young daughters and our 3 other dogs – 2 of which are an Aussie and a Pharaoh Hound!

She was once stolen as a pup by some local high school kids. after notifying their parents of the value of the dog and informing them that we would press charges, they finally revealed her location to us, which was on the other side of town!

luckily she was unharmed, but her adorable pink leather with a crystal covered silver heart dog collar was gone. I was very proud of my husband who stood there with a 2 pound chihuahua puppy demanding this pink collar be returned and we later got the collar back too!

thank you for making our very spoiled little gucci a famous chihuahua! she is the perfect little princess to wear a famous chihuahua dog t-shirt with pride!

the Azlin family of central Arizona

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