apple deer chihuahuas
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hunee & bee, a deer and applehead chihuahua combo!

a deerhead and applehead chihuahua

dear famous chihuahua®

i wanted to share with you my two precious little chihuahuas, ‘hunee & bee’. i have been blessed to have these two little girls that love me so much.

on the left is hunee. she is a white deerhead chihuahua. i got her at 8 weeks and she is now 3 years old. she has a big personality, chatters constantly, plays fetch, dances upright, and her special talent is walking and running upright like people do. she has a big round fuzzy puff ball that she likes to carry in her mouth like a pacifier and will not go to bed without it.

on the right is beebee faye dunaway, but we call her bee for short. she is a black applehead chihuahua, with a white heart on top her head. i got bee when hunee was a year old so that hunee could have a little sister to play with. bee is now 2 years old and is a total opposite of Hunee. she is shy, reserved and loves being close to her big sister.

bee is adventurous and loves the outdoors. she is fascinated with bugs, the grass, rocks, horses, sheep, llamas, you name it! i call her my little tom boy. she also dances in circles upright and she too can walk upright like hunee, although her walk looks more like that of a kangaroo. it is very cute. at 6 months old i put her in a dog contest and she actually won first prize for talent just for being a little kangaroo!

my chihuahuas are like 2 peas in a pod. they both love playing with each other, dancing for treats, dressing up in their chihuahua dresses or chihuahua hoodies, playing chase and people, especially ones that allow them to lick them on the face. hunee loves watching america’s funniest pets, and little bee loves listening to classical music.

my hunee & bee make my heart and world smile!

happy trails,
yolanda mann from vancouver, washington


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