isabel, the baby chihuahua with ears you won’t forget!

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isabel the chihuahua puppy with big ears!

salutations famous chihuahua®

i am isabel the chihuahua puppy. i’m a bit of a tomboy, so you can also call me izzy. i’m 6 months old and i am very mature for my age!

i am an adopted chihuahua from a pet shop called ‘breeder’s pick’ and i love being away from there. it was too noisy for my little ears. mommy often finds me playing with my sister dixie (a gray and white kitten), snoozing in my green bed with all my toys or zipping around the living room.

i love to dance and my favorite toys are fuzzy and bigger than i am. i don’t care when people tell me that my toys are too big for me, instead i drag them around and occasionally stumble over them.

when i go to mommy’s boyfriend’s house, i play with my ‘brother’ zeus. he is  2-month-old boston terrier terror! i am very excited to tell you that i know my manners and i sit pretty for mommy all the time!

“paws” itively yours,

isabel xoxo

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