teacup chihuahua bucket

meet teeny tiny jade … she just might be the world’s smallest chihuahua!

teacup chihuahua dog

“look mama, i’m famous!”

hi, my name is jade.  i’m a sweet, tiny 5 year old teacup-size chihuahua and i live in central texas with my mama, teresa.  family and friends say i’m a very special little girl.

teacup chihuahua in bucket

when i was born, people didn’t think i would survive because i was so small.  the vet told mama that chihuahuas my size don’t usually live long and that health issues would be a problem.

teacup chihuahua

well i showed them!  look at me now!  i’ll be 5 years old in march and i don’t have any health problems!  i might be wee, but “dynamite comes in small packages!”

cute teacup chihuahua

i have 3 chihuahua siblings.  they call us “the wees” because we’re all tiny!  we love to play and cuddle with each other and they always watch over and protect me, especially my brother.

tiny teacup chihuahua

my family tells me i’m a little miracle and they give me lots of belly rubs and kisses.  my belly is very tiny, so mama rubs it with 2 fingers.  i don’t complain because belly rubs are the best!

teacup chihuahua in dress

i could be the smallest dog in the world.  mama says that i might definitely be, but my will and determination is huge.  i might not ever hike any mountains, but i steal the hearts of many.

mama started me my very own facebook page.  please check it out at little ms. bitsy jade

congratulations teresa, your sweet little teensy tiny jade is now a famous chihuahua!

is your chihuahua famous in your eyes?  click here to submit their picture!

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  • Honey.
    I wish I could see her everyday.
    Tell your beatiful mommy I love her too!! Hope i see youl soon cutie!!!

  • Hi Jade, I have followed you for a while now, I’m getting my very own wee in the next week, she was 3 Oz at birth and at 10 weeks is just barely 10 oz!!! Her name is Hope and I can’t wait to bring her home!!!

  • I have been lucky enough to have by accident 3 teacups. One we didn’t know the mom was pg. She started bleeding n after my mom got to the vet they said look for a puppy lol. I bought puppy milk from pet smart and a syringe and hand fed it for 6 mths. He weighed 4.5 ounces at that time. Lol. I was just going to give it to a good home when I got offered 4000 for him. I loved him so much. But my son said I could WALK the dog to the store but if I sold the pup I could DRIVE to the store. I have another one that is brown but has a black snout n looks like a mini bulldog. And the mom looks like a mini rottweiler. Lol. We just had our last litter so thos time I’m neutering the boys. I’ve been lucky getting that mini tea cups. I can’t keep up. And my birth control hasn’t worked. This last litter has the bulldog tiny tiny one and another solid cream colored with wide set blue eyes. I quit lol. I get too attached. So I’m giving these to a good home. And fixing my boy. So I don’t have anymore accidents.. I have some unique pups according to these Web sites. I know I shouldn’t but if anyone is interested call me. They must be inside dogs with a heating pad or throw. I want a good joke more than money. Call me at 936 714 3442

  • I love you Jade! You are the cutest, tiniest Chi i have ever seen. I see you on Pinterest all the time and now I know your name and your story. You Mommy is very lucky to have you and your siblings. I am an adored Chi named Bambi who lives in Oregon. I wish we could meet for a playdate! Love to you and your family!

  • Hi Sweetie! So glad I found your page, here. We love the heck out of you, including my own “wees”, the smallest of whom is still several ounces bigger than you, at 2 lbs. 6 oz. i love this page full of photos of you. you are such a pretty little girl, and we look forward to many, many more years of your loving sweetness on Facebook and everywhere else we see you! xoxoxoxox

  • Dear Jade, i love your sweet face, i did’t meet your brother and sister yet. But i will keep following you on fb, at least, when fb shows your messages. Much love

  • Jade..I think you are so adorable…..I love following you on facebook…

  • I had 2 small ones, the one everyone said was the smallest they ever seen she was less than 2 pounds, she lived to be 7 yrs old, the other was a tad bit bigger and he also lived to be 7 yrs old, both died of a heart attack, my vet also told me that they would not live long and would have health issues…but really didn’t have too many…I miss my babies so much…enjoy everday with your baby she is a doll.

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