jagger boots

jagger, the long-haired chihuahua that’s every lady chihuahua’s man!


hello famous chihuahua®,

“the name’s jagger and that’s me above hanging out in my daddy’s boots!”

my mommy mona got me 3 years ago from a chihuahua breeder in our area. when she picked me out of the litter, i was extremely happy and excited!

i love dressing up for all the senoritas in cool chihuahua clothes for boys and getting mommy to take pictures of me! i also enjoy walking on the beach and playing with other dogs. my favorite snacks are pup-peroni and freeze-dried chicken dog treats. gotta love them!

i'm so handsome in my new jacket, all the lady chis want me

shortly after mommy took me home, she began to tell me stories about my daddy joe who was overseas fighting the war in iraq. she told me that she missed him dearly and because of this she decided she needed companionship while he was away so that’s why she got me.

mommy took lots of picture’s of me to send to daddy while he was away and when his care packages for us came in the mail, i would excited because i could smell the snacks in them that he would send for me! daddy finally came home and he was so happy to meet me. i could feel his love for me the first time he set his eyes on me and today we are one happy family. i never want to leave his side, i’m his lil’ devil pup.

well that’s my life! i love my family and i love being a chihuahua … aren’t i handsome?


your sweet little jagger

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