lacie chihuahua
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lacie, the most wonderful furbaby a new chihuahua owner could have!

sweet dreams baby lacie

dear famous chihuahua®,

lacie is my first chihuahua. she is 4 years old, weighs around 5 lbs and is full of love and fun!

lacie’s favorite toy is a small tennis ball. we have gone through almost a dozen of them in about 3 years! (they have a tendency to get very frayed after countless hours of play). she manages to pick up many of her other toys with the tennis ball still in her mouth and even brings it into the kitchen with her when it’s meal time.

I have taught lacie many tricks, including sit pretty, purr (a tiny little growl), and cha cha cha (a little dance she does on her hind legs).

For years, I had cats and loved them dearly. In 2007, my cat Cody was 16 years old and had failing health. It was then that I decided that I was not going to get any more cats. He had been a wonderful companion and lived to be 18 years old.

My daughter knew that I couldn’t be without a fur baby and after picking up her car at a local repair shop, where the owner’s wife had a couple of her little chihuahua fur babies with her, I instantly fell in love with the breed. She had a female chihuahua that had just given birth to a litter and she was going to be selling them when they were old enough. My 50th birthday was coming up, so my daughter said, “Mom, how would you like a chihuahua for your birthday?”

The pups weren’t going to be taken from their mother until they were around 3 months old, so my birthday came and went before I was able to bring lacie  home. But today, she is the sweetest most wonderful little companion!

When I brought her home, my cat was still alive and she tried to cozy up to him, like she did with her litter mates. By then he was old and set in his ways, but he did tolerate it with no problem. lacie must have think that she is a cat because she will play with them, but is still very timid around other dogs.

thank you for your wonderful site! we are huge famous chihuahua fans!

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  • You taught the baby to purr huh? i got chica when she was 5. no hope to teach a stuborn chi… well, she taught me a few things, things no amount of chew toys could repay. Lacie is adorable… any videos on youtube of her tricks?

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