lady octavia ho, the ‘morsel fighting’ chihuahua

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lady octavia ho the chihuahua

hello famous chihuahua,

allow me to introduce myself. i am lady octavia ho the chihuahua, but you can call me ho. i was born in singapore, so i’m of mexican-chinese descent.

you have already met my brother, mr. brutis chan the short haired chihuahua. i will purposely gulp my food down real fast and then run over to eat chan’s food just to annoy him. chan thinks he is so cool, but it is i who really dominates the household and everyone that lives in it.

i like to patrol the our street so i sit on our lounge room couch and look out our window for pesky neighbors or strangers. as soon as i smell or see someone i am not familiar with, i bark to say, ‘get-of-my-street!’

i enjoy sitting on our sofa and watching tv with mama-chan while she eats. she is a very messy eater so i make sure i sit right next to her so i can get at every little morsel that doesn’t make it into her mouth. i will fight chan to get to that food too. location, location, location is what i aim for.

when i am not a barking chihuahua on street patrol, i can be found curled up on the sofa dreaming of food.

paws out,

lady octivia ho
the morsel fighting chihuahua from singapore

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