brutischan the chihuahua

mr. brutis chan, the short haired chihuahua

mr. brutis chan the short haired chihuahua

hello famous chihuahua,

my name is mr. brutis chan, but you can call me chan. i am a short haired chihuahua born in singapore to a fabulous couple that i call mama-chan and papa-chan. they love me so much, that i am the center of their universe. sometimes, i wish they would get-a-life, especially when i want to sleep.

i am now age three and a half and i have an ‘annoying’ chihuahua sister named lady octavia ho. she does not get any of our games and steals our balls when we are playing with them. she is jealous, as i am very regal and sophisticated and she is not!

i love all food and i am not fussy at all. i have a foot fetish – i just love feet! i can lick and lick feet for hours! i have also been featured in singapore’s magazines and tv as i modeled for ree-yong showcasing their cool dog beds and dog bowls, so technically i am already half famous.

the picture above is me on my favorite bean bag. i  hope you like it.

pawsitively yours,

mr. brutis chan
the short haired chihuahua from singapore


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  • HAHHAAAA!!!! I love both “HO” and Brutis’s stories. They are two adorable chis and my Taco would be right there with Ho on top of the couch, waiting to bark at anything that dares to come too close to his house, and trying to get the smallest crumb that falls to the floor. It is a long way from California to Singapore so we shall probably never meet in person, but we are kindred spirits none the less!

  • Mr. Chan’s the man! A very cool chichi… Ree-Yong

  • Daniela aka Mama-Chan
    May 17, 2009 10:11 am

    Teaka, you look adorable, look me up if and when you visit Singapore.
    Truely paws,
    Mr Brutis Chan.

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