lexus the chihuahua

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lexus the chihuahua

lexus thinks she's boss of the knier household

“hello amigos, i am lexus the chihuahua! i am two years old and i live happily with my mommy, tonya knier in hugoton, kansas.”

baby lexus was very tiny when she was first brought home to her mommy. she would sleep in her mommy’s shirt where it was nice and warm and still does to this day. with two other sibling doggies and seven cats in the house, little lexus was quick to show everyone who is boss.

in the cold winters she has to wear sweaters and coats to stay warm, but it can be humorous because she won’t move once they are on!

everyday on the drive home from work, her mommy smiles when she thinks of how happy little lexus is going to be when she walks through that door. baby lexus is the special dog that made her mommy fall in love with the chihuahua breed.

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  1. Denise

    lmao! have you posted this one on twitter??? you should and put @cesarmillan ! i think if he saw it he’d crack up laughing! 😛

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