maggie mae the chihuahua

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maggie mae the chihuahua

maggie mae the chihuahua! this little princess is well on her way to chihuahua stardom! you go maggie girl!

“hello world, i’m maggie mae the chihuahua! i’m two years old and i live in las vegas, nevada with my mommy kelly thomas.”

little maggie mae loves to chase her tail until she is dizzy and falls over. she also enjoys sitting like a child in mamma’s arms when they go out.

maggie mae the chihuahua

little maggie mae hanging out by the pool at the beverly hilton hotel playing with her favorite toy

little maggie’s a real charmer, everywhere she goes people stop to talk to her and she just loves the attention.

in las vegas, little maggie has a lot of opportunities to attend fun events. she loves halloween and will be dressing up as little red riding hood this year. in her first two costume contests, she won 1st place and a best of show.

little maggie has her own chihuahua website and acts and models in los angeles and las vegas.

maggie mae was raised with two standard size chihuahua sisters and a chi-wie sister. she forgets that she is a tiny teacup chihuahua and loves to play rough.

little maggie loves spending time with mommy, grandmamma and uncle loren.

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  1. Maggie's mom

    Maggie Mae is a very special little girl.

    She just turned 2 on September 29.

    She is my little angel and she has the wings on her back to prove it.

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