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“chihuahua missing in action!” …the chihuahua rescue story of max!

there's a chihuahua in here somewhere?

dear famous chihuahua®

if you look real close, there’s a chihuahua in this picture! this is max. as you can see takes nap time pretty seriously, but maybe we should tickle his little paws and see if he wakes up?

max is approximately 11 years old and is a rescue chihuahua of 6 years! his owner was an elderly lady who passed away. she didn’t arrange for max’s care in the event of her death and her family didn’t know what to do with him. they tied max up in the backyard where he endured all types of bad weather that included rain, extreme heat and even thunderstorms.

the neighborhood children picked on him and to this day he is terrified of them. an old neighbor of mine knew this family and knew that i was looking for a small dog to rescue. she told me about max’s living conditions and i asked her to approach the family and try to get them to give him to her. they happily gave him to me and he has been the best little buddy i have ever had!

as i mentioned max is big on nap time so i’d have to say it’s his favorite thing to do! he naps in the sun, in his bed, in my bed, in the car, anywhere! he also enjoys being petted and “furminated” (or de-shedded) and he loves to pose in his  adorable chihuahua halloween costumes.

i'm so handsome in my doggie hat

we are so happy to have max and we fee really lucky to have a chihuahua that is so appreciative and loving. our vet says he is one of the best cared-for animals in his care!

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jennifer holsonback of  atmore alabama

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