“help save miley!” a chihuahua undergoing chemotherapy to fight cancer

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white short-haired chihuahua

“look mama, i’m famous!”

miley is the 5 year old teacup chihuahua of jessica armstrong from tallahassee, florida.  she is jessica’s little angel and the love of her life!

sadly, a few weeks ago, miley was diagnosed with lymphoma and is currently undergoing chemotherapy.  even though her cancer is responds well to chemotherapy, the cost of the treatment is very expensive and jessica simply can’t afford to pay for it all.

jessica is reaching out to anyone who can help.  please visit the pray for miley fundraiser page and help give miley a fighting chance!

congratulations jessica, your sweet miley is a famous chihuahua!

everyone here at famous chihuahua is praying for your sweet miley.  don’t give up hope!

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Comments 3

  1. Nancy harvest


    While undergoing chemotherapy is sad for anyone to go through, i feel that people these days are way to willing to give donations without having the proper verification and source. I WISH MILEY THE BEST BUT IT WOULD ONLY BE RIGHT IF IT WOULD BE SENT TO ANOTHER ACCOUNT, CONSIDERING SHE COULD BE USING THE MONEY FOR HER VET BUT ALSO HER PERSONAL USE. If that is the case it is not fair to those who donate.

  2. Wendy

    Don’t do chemo!
    it has a low success rate with humans and causes more damage than good. What do you think it would do to your sweet puppy!
    Look into alternative treatment as well as putting your puppy on a healthy diet. The ingredients in dog food could scare you.
    good luck and much love

  3. Donna fortner

    miley would probably get more donations towards her chemotherapy treatments if the funds were put in an account at the place where Miley gets her chemotherapy treatments. …..There are so many bogus accounts set up and come to find out it was all a way to get money. …..just saying. …..

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