minki the chihuahua

minki, the chihuahua whose face you’ll never forget!

my chihuahua face is absolutely unforgettable!

look at that face! chihuahua lovers are definitely going to fall in love with sweet little minki, the 2 year old chihuahua from south africa with an unforgettable profile.

minki’s daddy, gerhard crous, tells us that she loves to play with plush teddy bears and that she stays healthy eating hills science diet doggy food. she was bred by the chihuahua breeder d. marias and one of the funniest things that little minki does is run away when you say the word “bath”. laughs, what chihuahua doesn’t do this?

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  • omg!! i have a male chug puppy called bruce who could be minki!! right down to the eyebrow markings!! i dont suppose minki is a chug?? bruce is a lot more chihuahua than pug, hes 4 months and he weighs 3 1/2 pounds, hes tiny!!

  • she is lovely, i can’t believe it, i have just bought a male, that is a splitting image of minki, the same colour and everything!

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