ms. bella, an abused chihuahua rescued out of love

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ms. bella the rescue chihuahua lives the good life now

dear famous chihuahua,

this is my lovely ms. bella. she has been with our family for over 3 happy years. i found her while surfing the ads on the local penny saver. when i went to see her, i was truly shocked at the living conditions she was in. her owner was going through a nasty divorce and told me that he hated the dog and if i didn’t take her, he would dump her at the pound.

when he brought ms. bella out in her carrier, all i saw was this scared little chihuahua. it was obvious that she wanted nothing to do with him and because she didn’t want to come out of her carrier, i knew she had been abused. i knew then that i couldn’t leave her there so i took her home and tried to comfort her as she trembled the whole way.

later that night when my husband came home, she took one look at him and ran screaming down the hallway. we discovered as we nurtured her that she had issues with men because she was once terrified by them. this is can happen with the case of a chihuahua rescue. moving forward 3yrs, she is now my husband’s little sweetie and she loves to sit with him in the recliner.

her personality has come out in droves and she has adapted well to our family. my daughter finds her funny when she wears her little outfits, but amazing enough she loves to wear chihuahua clothes! the few times she’s been without them, she gets very upset!

from a once scared little chihuahua, to the fierce little champion of our home. we simply love and adore our sweet little ms. bella.


jen, ms. bella’s momma

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Comments 8

  1. Michelle Minx

    BRAVO – for you seeing the great dog, just in a bad situation – and now she is loving her new life – being cherished and pampered, as all fur kids should 😉

  2. L. Carr

    I am so happy when I read stories with happy endings like yours. Your little Bella is so adorable and I hate the thought that she was once abused. I give my little chihuahua, Lucy extra kisses and hugs every day for all the animals out there that don’t get any. God bless you and your family for taking Bella in.

  3. Peter

    It’s very interesting as I just also came across a post about a milk cow with a heart shape marking on her forehead.

    There are few animals are gifted as human being fav!

  4. Frederick Gundling

    It’s nice to hear a happy ending for a change instead of seeing the poor dogs loose all over Texas, because their owners didn’t bother to keep them inside, didn’t think they’d run off, and/or didn’t think they’d get through the gaps in their fence. Our two Chis get extra love AND supervised playtime…for all the Chihuahuas who don’t.

  5. Sandi

    Well all I can say is thank god for you and your husband, Jen! What a truly heartbreaking AND heartwarming story. Ms. Bella is so lucky you both took her in and changed her life. Poor baby, she is a doll, I could not imagine anyone could abuse an animal but there are people that do, unfortunately. I’m so happy Ms. Bella has a family who loves her, all babies deserve nothing less. 🙂

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