Meet Nikki, a famous rescue Chihuahua from Sacramento, California!

famous rescue chihuahua

This is Nikki, a 6 year old female rescue Chihuahua mix from Sacramento, California! She is the sweet and loyal companion to Rex Hirahara, who adopted her from a local rescue group at only 8 weeks old. Nikki plays well with kids, other dogs, cats, other adults and is loving to all living things, including Rex’s parrot! It’s absolutely amazing how a small 12 lb dog like Nikki has changed Rex’s life for the better!

One thing about Nikki that Rex enjoys is when he gives her a bone or plush dog toy to play with, she will usually goes off into the bedroom to bury it in the clothes hamper and if you follow her, she gets upset and takes it to a new place to hide. The best things in life are definitely the simple things!

Rex loves and appreciates Nikki so much that he hopes whoever reads this will be inspired to adopt a rescue chihuahua because he knows you won’t regret it!

Congratulations Rex Hirahara, Nikki is now officially a fun, furry and fabulous famous chihuahua!