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pee-wee the 2-legged chihuahua: a little dog with a big heart born a little different

2 legged chihuahua

here is pee wee’s amazing story as told by his loving mommy, patrice …

pee-wee is a tiny chihuahua that was born without his front legs.  in november of 2014, pee-wee was surrendered by a breeder in texas to the mia foundation.  the owner of the rescue foundation informed me that she might be getting a 2-legged chihuahua and when i saw the picture of pee-wee she sent me, i fell in love with him immediately and knew we were meant to be.

chihuahua in palm of hand

my best friend asked me what i wanted for my 50th birthday and i said, “to adopt pee-wee!”  she then bought a plane ticket and flew from illinois to new york to get pee-wee for my birthday gift!  when she returned, she gave him to me and he was so little that he fit into the palm of my hand.

chihuahua no front legs

at first i felt sorry for pee-wee and wondered if he would be able to have the quality of life that my 4 legged dogs had, but then he quickly changed my mindset with his very first “hop”.  pee-wee let me know that despite him only having 2 legs, in his mind he wasn’t disabled at all.

pee-wee was born on september 17, 2014.  he is very tiny and weighs a little under 3 pounds.  with such character, he runs, hops, walks on his two back legs, is very fast, lifts himself up and has great balance.  he’s a tenacious spitfire with a loving heart that is much bigger than his tiny body.

chihuahua playing

pee-wee will soon be getting a 3d printed cart so i can take him to schools, nursing homes and for walks.  he will be able to experience all that life has to offer.  he is a free spirit and i hope he will adapt to his new cart, but at the same time, it could turn out to be quite a challenge for this rambunctious little boy as he loves to hop and run on his own.

chihuahua sunbathing

pee-wee receives gifts and messages from all around the world as his courageous story helps people to get through their own struggles in life.  pee wee doesn’t let his disability hinder him in any way.  he can do anything that dogs with four legs can do, but he just does it a little differently.  his “can do” attitude inspires and uplifts me every day.

i adore and love pee-wee.  he is one of my greatest life’s blessings and and his story provides hope and inspiration to thousands of people all around the world.  his courage, love and determination proves that a disability does not mean inability.

 chihuahua door

pee-wee believes in pawing it forward by donating items to animal rescue auctions and sending care packages to animals in need.  his motto is: “never let adversity get in the way of your own happiness”.   join pee-wee and his friends as they journey through life on facebook at pee-wee’s playground.

who needs a prince charming when i’m just about perfect!
(the perfect shirt for the the just about perfect dog!)


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