pei pei, the adorable toy chihuahua puppy from hong kong, china!


“您好!”.. nín hǎo famous chihuahua®

my name is stella and i am writing to you from hong kong, china. this is my chihuahua puppy pei pei. he is only 4 months old, eats everything and loves to sleep on your lap! i got him from a pet shop a month ago. he is such a smart little puppy – he even knows how to ‘sit’ on command.

”pei” is a chinese pronunciation of the english word ‘skin’. we called him PEI PEI because his color is like the skin of a carton box and he has so much skin around his neck like an old person!

i was never big on the chihuahua breed before, but my husband fell in love with little pei pei at first site. he said there was something very special and unique about this chihuahua. we all love pei pei and now chihuahuas are one of our favorite breeds of dogs!

thank you for making our pei pei famous! china loves famous chihuahua!

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