meet percy, the rescue chihuahua living the good life in london, england!

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look mama! i'm famous! ... thank you for rescuing me!

“look mama! i’m famous! … thank you for rescuing me!”

this handsome little fella was rescued by chihuahua lover esther black. she informed us that his previous owners didn’t want him, so they literally dumped him in her arms and drove off … well it’s a darn good thing they did that because now he’s living the good life with esther who loves him dearly! thank you esther for rescuing this gorgeous little boy – you are heaven sent!

congratulations esther, you’re sweet percy is now famous, just like your sweet tinkerbell!

i'm so lucky!

“oh i love how mama spoils and looks after me! … i’m so lucky!”

belly rub please!

” … belly rub pleeeeease!”

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