poochi chihuahua

poochie, the chihuahua runt that obsesses over dingo doggie treats!

the adorable runt chihuahua that loves dingo dog treats and his little green frog play toy!

dear famous chihuahua®,

this is my tiny chihuahua, poochie. he will be 2 years old in august. i got him from a chihuahua breeder in miami and when i first saw him, i knew he was the chihuahua for me. his brothers and sisters were all blond, but he was the only black chihuahua puppy and the runt of the pack!

ever since I brought my baby poochie home, he has been the apple of my eye! i just adore him! he is the sweetest little male chihuahua and is always happy to see me!

poochie loves to play and enjoys all different sorts of treats, but his favorite by far are dingos. when i give him one, he will not let it out of his sight. his doggie toys are all squeaky ones, but his little green frog is his favorite. he has 2 beds and his green frog is always in his favorite bed.

one of the funny habits i love about my poochie is that when he gets in trouble and i don’t allow him on the bed, he will go to his bed and wrap him self up with his blanket and to show me he’s mad and he growls while doing it! it’s hilarious!

i’m so happy i found your website where i can share my love for chihuahuas!


yadi from miami!

little poochie is the perfect candidate for a “talk to the paw” doggie charm to remind mommy of who is really boss!

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  • He is so cute love him reminds me if Papi . 🙂

  • He is so cute my puppy died this Monday and he pok like his twin but we found out that my do had the prvo virus and we could not do anything cause all the vets were closed and he had no hope for survival he was just like poochie the same face and everything he is so cute but now I have his sister we already had her get her shot and her name is chole and my other puppy that had just died in Monday was Papi, as you see I have had named them just like the movie of barely hills chihuahuas and he died and I’m so sad of him I miss him a lot well you heard my tragedy he was only five weeks old I miss him. Papi in your memory you’ll be loved and remembered by your owner Lucy ,13 years old from florida haines city peace. Papi i love you so much.

  • He is the so cute! Reminds me of my Jose’. He also was the only black puppy in the litter. Reminds me of him!

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