chloe the chihuahua

chloe, the rescue chihuahua with an amazing mommy

precious chloe, the chihuahua who loves her mommy!

hi famous chihuahua!

i am chloe the chihuahua and i live in atlanta, ga. with my mommy kara and i love it! it was hard at first, but after a few weeks we were great friends. my past is a little shady. a year ago i was living in a home that wasn’t working out and she came to my rescue.

mommy doesn’t know exactly how old i am, but the doctor says i’m anywhere from 5-7 years old. last year when kara got me, she spent all this money to get 7 of my teeth pulled and to have me spayed! my teeth were rotting because nobody took care of them so now my tongue hangs out on the left side when i relax because i have no teeth there.

i’m glad mommy takes super good care of me. she gives me dried chicken tenderloins and lets me eat them in the sunshine. it just doesn’t get any better than that! i also love burrowing inside blankets, sleeping, sitting on mommy’s lap, snuggling in my igloo bed, exploring outside and playing with my stuffed chihuahua dolly. oh and i can also walk on 3 legs! isn’t that cool?

mom really loves me and tells people that her life got better once i came into it. I am so grateful for mommy. i still have to work on being nice to other dogs and strangers, but mommy is working with me on that. she says i’m 90% sweet, 10% fiesty. i say I’m 100% sweet, but whatever.

thanks for telling my story and i hope other chihuahuas who need homes are also adopted by someone as special as my mommy,

‘paws’-itively yours,

chloe the chihuahua


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