precious the chihuahua

the “precious” rescue chihuahua who survived abuse and brutality

thank you mummy for rescuing me!

dear famous chihuahua®,

about 2 weeks ago, i rescued a chihuahua that has brought out the best in me. she has a wonderful personality and is now clam, peaceful and happy. her name couldn’t be more appropriate because she is in fact, precious.

precious came from a bad home where the kids kicked her across the yard and held her by the tail swinging her around and throwing her. the lady’s boyfriend didn’t like her and kicked her.

precious is a year old and is now showered with lots of love and attention. at first she didn’t know how to accept it or car rides, but now she loves the attention and demands car rides!

the only thing we are still working on is that she has major separation anxiety. she’ll cry, whine and shake when i get home. it’s sad that something so “precious” was mistreated and abused.

thank you for your wonderful site and chihuahua facebook community, we are huge fans!


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  • My favorite dog is a chihuahua, and i hate to go to stores and see all these little energetic pups cooped up in glass cages, not being able to even be pet. i hate to see any animal like this! but, with chihuahuas it just kills me!

  • Congratulations on your beautiful chihuahua! Its so great you were able to give her a wonderful loving home!

  • This is so heartbreaking to read!!! So happy she is out of that situation and I am sure it will take time for her to feel secure again! God bless!!

  • yveline andrieu
    May 15, 2011 7:36 pm

    Great thing that you found precious. I have a little girl myself, thanks God never abused and all the training I do with her, I found it on youtube, they is a young lady, short blond hair and she shows you a how to train your chihuahua, including the separation anxiety cure.
    Start with this one and find the others! have fun!

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