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introducing rambo and brewster, chihuahua camaraderie at its best!

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dear famous chihuahua®

allow me to introduce you to my two famous chihuahuas, rambo and brewster! rambo is a 3 yr old, smooth coat chocolate and tan deer head chihuahua. i got him as a high school graduation gift from a reputable chihuahua breeder in wisconsin.

rambo loves jerky tenders and freeze fried liver treats and his favorite toy is a turkey that makes this chirping noise. rambo has funny habit where if you stare at him long enough, he starts to blink his eyes a lot so we call him “squinter” lol. he also loves to run crazy and rub up against the couch after a bath and run with his butt down throughout the house really fast.

rambo is very smart. he can sit, shake a paw, lay down, roll over, beg, speak, stay and come, but he can also do some really neat tricks. if you ask him where your nose is, he will come up and touch his paw to your nose. you can also ask him to go and put his paw on an object and he will! he loves to be at the center of attention and model for the camera.

brewster is a 1 yr old, long coat, black/white/tan tri-color chihuahua. he was bred by the award winning chihuahua breeder, hargers chihuahuas and was supposed to be a show dog, but his bite was slightly off and fate brought us together. his favorite toy is anything he see’s rambo playing with and when he hears rambo howling, he doesn’t hesitate to join in.

it’s cute when brewster digs at the covers and makes funny noises. he’s a total show off and we love the way he prances around like a show dog with his fluffy little tail. he loves to wear adorable chihuahua clothes and have all eyes on him making him the perfect chihuahua model.

rambo and brewster are truly a match made in heaven! everyone who meets them decides they want a chihuahua because they are so lovable and funny and will steal your heart in seconds. i simply don’t know what i would do without them in my life!

for more of rambo and brewster, join them on youtube and flickr!

thank you for your wonderful site!


brittany starkey of davenport, iowa.

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