romeo the chihuahua

little romeo, the chihuahua that chews on everything!

romeo, the chihuahua puppy that loves to chew on everything!

dear famous chihuahua®

this lovable rescue chihuahua is romeo! he is a short haired, 8 month old chihuahua puppy that loves to steal laundry and chew it up. we took him under our wing after his previous owners announced they could no longer keep him and he now lives happily with us in sunny california.

romeo always finds something to play with and this includes toilet paper rolls as well as shoes. he has several dog toys, but he can’t seem to stop chewing on everything that isn’t one of his toys!

romeo is very shy and afraid to meet other new dogs except for his best friend mittens, another small chihuahua with whom he loves to wrestle. romeo also loves to dress up in cute knitted sweaters for dogs to keep warm and traveling with us all snug in my purse.

it was fate that brought little romeo to us at the right time to help us cope with the loss of our son. when i feel down, romeo always finds a way to make me smile. he has filled our hearts with so much love and we are very happy to have him in our lives.


the mckenzie family from colton, california

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