shera chihuahua starbucks

she-ra, a tiny chihuahua puppy with princess power!

she-ra, the micro-sized chihuahua that is the princess of power!

to the dear folks at famous chihuahua,

i’m writing to introduce you to my micro-sized chihuahua puppy named she-ra, the princess of power. she is named after a cartoon heroine from my childhood, the female counterpart of he-man, master of the universe! i chose her name because she is convinced that she is a giant super-hero. i bought her from a chihuahua breeder at the age of six weeks, and she is now a happy and healthy three months old. she weighs 15.5 ounces and the vet says she might not make it to two pounds at full-grown!

we received our new pink gingham chihuahua harness and leash today that we purchased from the famous chihuahua clothing store and it fits perfectly! i’m so happy to have a darling harness for my baby that fits right! i thought i’d send this photo of baby she-ra wearing it so you can see just how adorable she is and how well it fits her! thank you so much for making a product i can really use and that’s fashionable!

little she-ra’s favorite snacks are pup-peroni’s, and she loves to do tricks to earn tiny bites of them! at just eight weeks old, she was already sitting, laying down and dancing round and round in circles on command.

her favorite play toys are a fluffy stuffed raccoon that she drags around the house everywhere even though its much bigger than her and a little mouse that’s supposed to be for cats. because of her size, its difficult to find toys she can play with which is why the mouse is perfect. it’s funny to see her carry it everywhere by its little tail.

she-ra loves to sleep like a baby in the crook of my arm and prefers that to her bed, but beware of waking her! she will growl fiercely if i try to move her mid-nap. i’ve recorded this on my cell phone and will upload it to youtube as a chihuahua video soon. its incredibly cute, not to mention hilarious, to see such a tiny creature trying to be ferocious!

she-ra is a famous chihuahua at starbucks in san antonio, texas!

shre-ra and i belong to the san antonio chihuahua meetup group and had our first play group meeting last saturday where everyone marveled at how lively and sweet she was.

she-ra loves people and kisses everyone! we are stopped everywhere so people can take pictures with their camera phones. here we are at starbucks, where the employees love her and bring her tiny cups with warm milk or water.

thank you again famous chihuahua for the wonderful harness, we love it!


jessica norene and baby she-ra in san antonio, texas.


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  • Hi!

    Shera is adorable! I am in the market for a chihuahua similiar to your’s, would you be able to tell me the name of the breeder where you purchased her? thank you so much! Congratulations on your darling puppy!

  • this Chihuahua is so cute i have one to and she just like that expect not that famous!!!

    yours truly,
    Macey Eastridge and Gibby!!!
    (My Dog)

  • They are soooo cute. Your lucky to have puppies. Because i cant have any in my apartment house with my mom. I’ve always wanted a chihuahua.

  • Samantha Stoeklen
    December 21, 2009 7:58 pm

    She is sooo cute!! It is adorable!!! I wish my dog was that size cause my dog is about three times the size of yours and it is not supposed to be that size…He was the runt of the family.

  • oh my goodness! what a gorgeous little pup!! I love her!!

  • Miki Collins
    June 30, 2009 9:20 pm

    Oh, how precious is she!!!!! I’ve heard so much about her and now to see her online….I’ve just got to meet her soon. I see Amy’s purse made it to the Famous Chihuahua site ~ a most appropriate backdrop!


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