sofia chihuahua

meet sofia! ..this little rescue chihuahua came with life saving instincts!

sofia the chihuahua!

dear famous chihuahua®,

my name is michael jaworski and this is my beloved companion sofia!  she is a two year old rescue chihuahua that became a part of our family a year ago.  at this time, she was very scared and took a few weeks to come around, but today she is a very happy go lucky little girl!

since we got sofia, she has take so well to my 86 year old father with whom i care for.  without any training, she is able to sense if my father’s blood sugar levels are wither dangerously too low or too high.  she will sit by him and then wait for me to notice.  we don’t know how it is that she is able to detect this, but her keen sense has saved my father’s life on numerous occasions.

this picture was taken christmas morning.  she was given this bear as a present from father and now she can’t go anywhere without it!  she drags it all over the house, she won’t sleep without it and i even have to place it in her car seat for her to snuggle up to when traveling.

our little sofia has brought so much joy to our family and we are forever grateful that she is able to monitor my father’s blood sugar levels like she has.  we live in hollywood beach and would like to thank you for your great site and the ability to share this picture with everyone.

we absolutely love your website as it says everything about our beloved chihuahua breed.

congratulations micheal, your sweet sofia is now a famous chihuahua!

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