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meet baby spotty, the adorable rescue chihuahua from ventura county!

spotted chihuahua in princess costume

“look mama, i’m famous!”

baby spotty is an adorable 3 lb., 10 month old rescue chihuahua. she was adopted from ventura county animal services where her mommy cheri stone works. spotty came to the shelter in late december 2012 and was part of a group of 24 dogs that had been taken away from an illegal breeder in oxnard, california.

spotty was only 1 1/2 lbs when cheri saw her for the first time on new year’s day. she was too small to be adopted, so the vet staff looked for a foster mommy to foster her and her sister. cheri agreed to foster both. spotty’s sister grew quicker and when she was over 2 lbs, cheri returned her to the shelter, where she was adopted to a wonderful new home in a mere 20 minutes!

little spotty was still too small for adoption, so cheri kept and later adopted her. today spotty is spayed, licensed, housebroken, and a real part of cheri’s family. in this picture, cheri took spotty to a horse show where there was a dog costume contest to support the marin county humane society. cheri’s friend, lisa, made spotty this cute costume and she won 1st place!

spotty’s friendly personality attracts attention everywhere she goes. she truly is a real advocate and success story for the adoption of shelter dogs.

congratulations cheri! your sweet little spotty is now a famous chihuahua!

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  • omg never though i’d see a chi from my county!
    lovely little bundle she’s lucky getting rescued like that!

  • Spotty is the best!! she protects the house despite her small size yet always has the sweetest demeanor! she’s won the hearts of people who have been scared of dogs throughout their lives and loves every dog, horse, and human that she meets.

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