stella, an adopted chihuahua with angel-like qualities

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stella, the adopted chihuahua who lives like a princess!

dear famous chihuahua,

this is our little princess stella. we adopted her last year from the humane society after losing our former dog in a car accident. my partner and i decided we would just go to look, but when we were given little stella to hold, we knew instantly that she was our girl!

stella is an angelic chihuahua that is a joy to be around. she plays with cat toys and has a cute habit of rolling around on her back. she loves avocado and eats fruits and veggies that “fall” from the table. she enjoys taking walks to the waterfront and being at the center of our attention.

talia-rose yeo of toronto, ontario, canada

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  1. Nona Rose

    What can I say, but my Stella, bella, mia!
    She is precious and I love her. She has me charmed and can usually get some terrific treats from me, an energetic walk and plenty of hugs and kisses.

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