zues rescue chihuahua

meet zeus, an adorable rescue chihuahua with the cutest face markings!

chihuahua tcup

“look ma, i’m famous!”

zeus was rescued on february 6, 2013 by a wonderful chihuahua rescue organization in new hampshire named mary’s dogs rescue.  andie savastano and her family had been looking for a chihuahua while searching on petfinder and they kept coming back to zeus’ photo.  his unique face markings reminded andie of petey the dog from the little rascals.

rescue chihuahua

“thank you for adopting me momma!  i love you!”

andie knew they had to have him so she contacted mary’s dog rescue, but was told that he was already on hold for adoption.  as it turned out, the people interested in adopting zeus never placed their deposit in time so andie and her family scooped him up!

cute tcup chihuahua

“let’s play!”

now 8 months old, zues is always full of energy, loves his toys, his home, people and will soon be the team mascot for andie’s son’s baseball league.  how exciting!

congratulations andie savastano, your little man zeus is now a famous chihuahua!

is your chihuahua cute and famous in your eyes?  click here to submit their picture!


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