what you should know about the labels on your pet food

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what you should know about pet food labels

did you know that a popular pet food label myth is that “meat first” on the ingredient list means more and better-quality meat?

it’s a fact, consumers tend to focus on the ingredients in pet food rather than on the nutrient value and digestibility of the food.  this occurs because people can’t understand pet food labels, so they look for anything that relates to human food labels.

what information should you look for?

what pet owners should look at is the nutrient value and whether it meets the daily requirements their pets need and how well those essential nutrients will be absorbed during digestion.

because the ingredient list provides little information on the nutritional value or overall quality of a pet food, look for one of these three statements on the packaging that must answer these important questions:

  • does the diet contain all the essential nutrients that a pet needs?
  • how that was determined?
  • for which age or life stage is the diet appropriate?

clearly, the need to improve and simplify pet food labels is necessary

people want the best for their pets as they are often seen as family members, so to help consumers make better and more informed decisions, data label specialists and ethical dog food companies are creating info graphics that show:

  • how pet food is currently labelled,
  • the terms used in the ingredients list,
  • and the creative marketing used to promote these terms

the must-read article, calls for clearer labeling on pet food, educates and shows the consumer these very helpful info graphics.

for chihuahua owners specifically, the ebook, caring for chihuahuas made easy: breed information, health care and nutrition also provides you with helpful information on pet food labeling.

start now. do the research. educate yourself on the importance of understanding pet food labels.  your pet will thank you for it!


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prevent your chihuahua from overheating with these important summer safety tips!

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chihuahua drinking water

it’s summer and the heat has arrived!  chihuahuas are small animals that love the sunshine and come from a hot environment, but they’re still prone to overheating and temperature sensitivity.  here are some tips for keeping your chihuahua cool during these hot summer days.

vehicles.  many chihuahua owners take their dogs everywhere.  if you do this, make sure your dog can go with you wherever you take her.  in the summer heat, a chihuahua (as well as children and other animals) can develop health problems in a matter of minutes.

water.  always bring water with you and a way for your chihuahua to drink it.  try teaching your dog how to drink from a bottle of water.  you can also purchase a collapsible water bowl.

panting.  when dogs are hot, they pant.  if your chihuahua is panting excessively with labored breath, she could be in trouble.  get her into a cooler environment and offer her water immediately.  foam at the mouth is another indication that it’s just too hot for your dog.

exercise.  it’s easy to exercise chihuahuas indoors, and this may be something to consider on hot days.  when heat warnings are in effect, you and your dog should spend most time indoors.  try a light game of fetch inside with your chihuahua’s favorite toy.


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reverse sneezing in chihuahuas: what chihuahua owners need to know

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the chihuahua puppy in this video is experiencing a classic episode of reverse sneezing.  it might look and sound concerning, but it’s usually harmless and often seen in small breed dogs.

what is reverse sneezing?

reverse sneezing is quite common in chihuahuas.  it is also known as mechanosensitive aspiration reflex, inspiratory paroxysmal respiration, and pharyngeal gag reflex.  it is caused by a spasm of the throat and soft palate that is triggered by an irritation to the throat, pharynx, or laryngeal area.

in a regular sneeze, air is pushed out through the nose.  in a reverse sneeze, air is pulled rapidly and noisily in through the nose.  you might think your chihuahua is choking or having a respiratory attack as the sound that occurs with reverse sneezing is sudden and startling.  

typically a chihuahua will stand still with its elbows spread apart, head extended and eyes bulging as it makes a loud snorting sound that can last anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes.

common triggers of reverse sneezing

  • excitement
  • exercise intolerance
  • a collar or harness that’s too tight
  • pulling on the leash
  • environmental irritants like pollen, perfume, household cleaners, room sprays
  • a sudden change in temperature

how you can help

it’s important to remain calm when your chihuahua is having an episode or they may become anxious.  you can try massaging your chihuahua’s throat or covering its nostrils briefly as this will cause it to swallow which can help clear the irritation and stop the sneezing.

if the episode prolongs, you can try putting your hand in its mouth and pressing on its tongue as this will cause it to open its mouth wider and help move air through its nose.

when to call the vet

rarely does reverse sneezing require treatment, but if you notice episodes are becoming more frequent, are longer in duration or there’s blood or yellow discharge coming from the nose, make an appointment with your vet to rule out things like a collapsing trachea, kennel cough, nasal cancer, nasal mites, tumors, or a respiratory infection.

“get this information and more in an ebook delivered right to your inbox!”

the amazing ebook, caring for chihuahuas made easy, breed information, health care and nutrition teaches you about reverse sneezing in chihuahuas and shows you how to properly care for such a small dog!

below is a sample page from the chihuahua health section!

teacup chihuahua

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reference: healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2012/12/03/reverse-sneezing.aspx
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how to prevent bad breath, decayed teeth and bacterial infections in your chihuahua

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in this video, you can see the infected gums of this chihuahua and a decayed upper back tooth that led to bacterial infection of the mouth and later, the heart.  many chihuahua owners don’t recognizing how important it is to ensure your chihuahua has healthy teeth and gums.

poor oral hygiene in chihuahuas will lead to oral tumors, bad breath, loose decayed teeth and bacterial infections of the mouth that spread to the heart.  what can you do?  the eBook, caring for chihuahuas made easy:  breed information, health care and nutrition has the solution.


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