shaking puppy syndrome: a condition in dogs known as hypomyelination

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shaking puppy syndrome is a disease that effects the central or peripheral nervous system of the brain and is medically termed hypomyelination.  the good news is that your puppy can grow out of it and still grow up to live a happy and healthy life.

at birth, often puppies that develop the syndrome are normal.  they later develop symptoms at 1 – 2 weeks old.  typically they begin to tremor and it’s predominantly more noticeable in the hind legs.

this tremoring can cause them to miss out out on important feedings from their mother as they are less likely to be able to hold their ground when trying to reach their mother’s nipples.  in these cases, they will require hand feeding.


**warning: the chihuahua puppy in this video is okay and in no way being harmed


what causes the shaking?

when an insufficient production of myelin occurs, the substance that insulates and stabilizes nerves, hypomyelination is the result.  a lack of myelin cause the nerves to be sensitive resulting in shakes and tremors.  the more active your puppy is, the more they will shake, the less active, the less they will shake.  in fact, when they sleep, the shaking often goes away completely.

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how to get your chihuahua to live forever!

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elderly senior chihuahua

“don’t let the cone fool you, teaka the famous chihuahua is a very healthy 16 years old!”

did you know chihuahuas can live up to 18 years old if you do two things?

here’s what you need to do to help your chihuahua live a long and healthy life:

  1.  brush your chihuahua’s teeth everyday!
  2.  keep your chihuahua at a healthy weight!

because chihuahuas are one of the top dog breeds predisposed to periodontal disease, it is fundamentally important that you brush their teeth every day at the same time if possible to prevent periodontal disease.

daily teeth brushing can add an extra 2 – 4 years of healthy life to your chihuahua’s expected lifespan

how does not brushing your chihuahuas teeth lead to disease?

if your chihuahuas teeth don’t get brushed, food particles and bacteria will collect along the gum line forming plaque.  if the plaque is not removed, minerals in the saliva combine with the plaque and form tartar (or calculus), which fixes itself strongly to the teeth.

the plaque then starts to mineralize after it forms and the tartar begins to irritate the gums causing inflammation known as gingivitis, which is seen as reddening of the gums and causes bad breath.

“if gingivitis is left untreated, it will progress to periodontal disease which is irreversible and very painful.”

how does keeping your chihuahua thin prevent disease?

research shows that if your chihuahua stays at a healthy weight, he or she will live 2 – 4 years longer and old age diseases like arthritis, kidney failure, hypothyroidism and diabetes will either be prolonged or not appear at all.

three signs to tell if your chihuahua is overweight:

  1. if you can’t fee their ribs because of too much body fat
  2. your chihuahua has no waistline – they should have an hourglass shaped body when you look down their back
  3. if your chihuahua’s belly bulges out and down when you look at your chihuahua from the side

“each extra pound of fat is one mile (2.2 km) of extra blood vessels for the heart to pump blood through” ~ doc truli

so what are you waiting for?  start brushing your chihuahua’s teeth if you haven’t been doing so already and keep your chihuahua at a healthy weight with a nutritious diet and plenty of exercise!


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tips to keep your chihuahua safe, happy and healthy this halloween!

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cute chihuahua cow

halloween is fast approaching and famous chihuahua® would like to ensure chihuahua owners keep their chihuahuas safe, happy and healthy by asking them to follow these simple safety tips:

select costumes carefully
if you dress up your chihuahua up for halloween, choose a costume that doesn’t limit their movement, hearing, sight or ability to breath or bark. check for any choking hazards also.

skip the sweets
avoid feeding your chihuahua halloween candy. many treats can be toxic to your chihuahua’s health and those that contain the artificial sweetener xylitol can be poisonous. even small amounts can cause a drop in blood sugar and result in seizures. also avoid feeding them chocolate. dark chocolate and bakers chocolate can be especially dangerous.

throw away candy wrappers
ingesting aluminum or cellophane can cause intestinal blockage and induce vomiting. throw those candy wrappers in the garbage to avoid them becoming a play toy for your pet.

keep your chihuahua in another room during the trick-or-treating rush
halloween can bring many unexpected visitors to the door all at once. this can make your chihuahua nervous and likely to flee when the door opens. if they accidentally get loose, make sure your chihuahua is wearing an id tag.

avoid potentially harmful decorations
candles in jack-o-lanterns are easily knocked over. avoid using them as this can result in a fire and burns to your chihuahua. also, take preventative care with open wires, cords and potentially harmful products your chihuahua may try to ingest. do your best to keep them out of harms way.

playing it safe isn’t tricky, just play it smart!

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merle chihuahuas: potential health problems from the merle color gene

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merle chihuahua

what exactly are merle chihuahuas?

merle chihuahuas are said to be the latest ‘style’ or ‘designer color’ to gain popularity within chihuahua breeding during the past 15 years, but due to potential health problems, merle chihuahuas are rarely mentioned in credible books about genetic coloring patterns of the breed.  chocolate and long haired merle chihuahuas are also a rare find, thus making them more desirable to people who are more concerned about making a ‘fashion’ statement.

how does merle breeding work?

the merle gene will change the pigmentation of their base color causing them to have a lighter colored spots throughout their fur coat.  merles can create very intriguing and unique colored chihuahuas and at times will often have blue eyes.  the merle gene is also a dominant gene. this means that one parent must be a merle for the gene to be passed on to their offspring.  thus the gene will not remain dormant for many years and then suddenly surface.

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do you know the signs and symptoms of a sick chihuahua and when to see a vet?

famous chihuahua editor chihuahua health concerns

symptoms signs sick chihuahua

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article reference: symptoms and signs of a sick chihuahua: know when to see a veterinarian!


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