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actress katherine heigl rescues homeless chihuahuas

jason debus heigl foundation founded by nancy and katherine heigl

famous chihuahua® was touched to learn that esteemed hollywood actress, katherine heigl came to the rescue of several homeless chihuahuas last week. we would like to thank her for kind heart and willingness to help. here are the details of this warming chihuahua rescue story.

… direct from hollywood california, it’s beanie!

“he came in with a group of 25 chihuahua and chihuahua mixes, just the other day for adoption,” says tammy devito, the director of animal care at the greater nashua humane society.

20 of the dogs are at the humane society, the rest at the salem animal rescue league. their three thousand mile, twelve hour trip is the first for the los angeles based project flying chihuahuas and was financed by tv and film starlet katherine heigl.

chihuahuas are the second most common breed to be euthanized in tinseltown, second only to pit bulls. deVito says she “didn’t know that until I was contacted by a rescue group out there who wanted to move some of their chihuahuas out here to new hampshire because we have many people looking for them, but we never have them in the shelter.”

the lap dogs, often seen under the arms of paparazzi princesses are over-bred because of their celebrity status. so-called “backyard breeders” abandon the puppies that don’t find a home.

pint sized as they may be, these dogs definitely do not belong in handbags as is often seen on television. they’re also not necessarily the best companions for children.

“we are looking for children that would be conscientious that they are small even though they think they’re big, they’re very fragile so you have to be careful with them. ” deVito adds that while they need some exercise, they make great condo pets.

the dogs arrived in new hampshire wednesday afternoon, and by friday morning there was a plethora of “voice mails, emails, people coming in, wanting to see the dogs for adoption,” says natalie corwin, the director of development and public relations for the humane society.

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source: necn.com/Boston/New-England/2009/12/04/NH-welcomes-homeless/1259966586.html


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  • Annie Frelich
    March 10, 2011 3:42 pm

    I live in vt , and like others on the east coast I see the huge amount of dogs being killed in CA when we have waiting lists here to adopt anything small.
    My hubbie and are are getting 2 chis flown to our local shelter ( that has no small dogs)from a a high kill shelter in LA and it is costing us $200. per dog.
    Do you know of any cheaper way to transport? we would like to make this a regular transport.

  • Thank You so very much Maybe the animal lovers of the world will put an end to such cruelty.

    Again from my heart to yours,
    Thank You

  • I am trying to get help with a problem . Please watch the video on liveleak.com twisted girl throws puppies off bridge. WHY….. Please help me I have called everyone I can to make this girl pay for what she did and I receive nothing no help or justice for these small angels. How can she get away with such cruel treatment. Someone out there reads this and has the finances and contacts please help. PUPPIES ARE ANGELS TO.

  • i adopted one of the flying chihuahuas from Katherine’s organization. He is so lovable and handsome. He has settled into our family very nicely. Thanks Katherine for giving him a second chance!!

  • How heart warming to hear of someone that has done a kind and caring act. God Bless you Katherine Heigl… What a wonderful person you are!!
    Yolanda Mann

  • Hi

    I would be more than willing to adopt a chihuahua of either sex . I live in Middleburgh NY. Will there be any chihuahua’s flown into instate NY? 518 827 6540 Bonnie Goss

  • My Chihuahua is from a dog shelter . He was 1 year in this shelter till I fell in love with him . So thank you Katherine from the bottom of my heart .
    PS: I will get another one soon.

  • It is awful that the dogs were abandon but I love to hear when a celebrity helps out, it reminds me that they are just ordinary people, like us.

  • Border Terrier Puppy
    December 10, 2009 12:34 pm

    It is good to see when celebrities are willing to help because they are role models for a lots of youngsters. They can influence people to be more opened towards adoption or rescue. Thanks for the great article!

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