win big prizes in the 2013 famous chihuahua® christmas picture contest!

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thank you to everyone who entered!

christmas chihuahua contest winner

here’s how you can enter your chihuahua in this year’s exciting christmas contest!

first. “get creative!” dress your chihuahua up in a christmas outfit, or place them in a christmas setting like the picture of the amazing juno above, our 2012 winner, and take their picture!

second. click to like famous chihuahua on facebook famous chihuahua on facebook where we’ll be posting contest updates!

and finally, submit your picture by email!

send it to [email protected], write as subject,“christmas contest picture submission”

upon submitting your picture, please include the following information:

  • the name of your chihuahua
  • your name and where you’re from
  • why you think your chihuahua should win
  • and the answer to the following skill test question:

“what is the item code number for “santa’s christmas coat” found at the famous chihuahua store?” … click here to visit the famous chihuahua clothes store

santa's dog coat outfit

how many winners will there be?

there will be 3 winners. the grand prize winner, a first runner up and a second runner up. the winners will be chosen by the friendly staff at famous chihuahua.

what is the grand prize?

the grand prize winner will receive a new wardrobe! a customized luxury gift box hamper for dogs from the famous chihuahua store filled with new chihuahua clothes and accessories!


anything else?

they will also receive their very own authentic famous chihuahua® dog t shirt that they can wear with pride, just like the adorable emma the cleft palate chihuahua is wearing below!

famous chihuahua dog shirt

anything else?

a gorgeous snuggle puppy blanket from the award winning

snuggle puppy blanket

this blanket is made of extra soft fleece and designed to catch and hold shedding hair. it also provides protection for furniture, car seats and clothing, in addition to giving warmth and comfort for your chihuahua! it’s also machine washable and 48″x 32″ in size.

snuggle puppy blanket!

anything else?

a copy of the award winning family approved book, the legend of the smiling chihuahua

chihuahua story book

the legend of the smiling chihuahua is a heartwarming story about three best friends growing up in a poor neighborhood that venture into a perilous quest to find the legendary smiling chihuahua. this magical little chihuahua has the power to change the fate of not only the boys and their families, but also the community they live in. the book is intended to inspire children and grown ups to follow their dreams and never give up hope. lessons of friendship, cooperation, forgiveness and ethnic tolerance are cleverly woven throughout the tale.

anything else?

a fabulous bling dog charm like the pink swarovski helix crystal dog bone charm below!

anything else?

a famous chihuahua® decal that goes on your car window or lap top like you see below!

famous chihuahua lap top decal!

…it’s our 2012 winner juno sporting her famous chihuahua decal on her snazzy race car!


anything else?

a 10 pound box of natural dog food that you customize from

petbrosia chihuahua food

what will the first and second runner up win?

a bottle of maqnifiscent grooming & finishing splash, a non-toxic, paraben-free, multipurpose formula designed to keep your chihuahua and home smelling maqnifiscent!

organic dog shampoo

they will also receive their new organic odor neutralizing shampoo bar that enhances your chihuahua’s bath experience with its creamy, rich, bubbly, deep cleansing, and moisturizing lather using only natural and organic ingredients.

organic shampoo bar

anything else?

the first and second runner up will also receive a copy of the legend of the smiling chihuahua!

check back often for updates on new prizes added!

christmas dog outfits and clothes

what can you do to stay on top of prize and contest updates?

you can sign up to the famous chihuahua enewsletter below!

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    contest officially starts on november 10th and ends at midnight on new years eve, dec 31st!

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