disfigured chihuahua princess abby wins world’s ugliest dog contest!

famous chihuahua® doesn’t believe for a minute that princess abby the chihuahua is the world’s ugliest dog, but we understand the fun nature behind this contest and we are grateful to princess abby’s owner, kathleen francis, for coming to her rescue.

apparently princess abby has these defects because of bad inbreeding! let this be a precaution to potential chihuahua owners, make sure you do your research and select a reputable chihuahua breeder or better yet, rescue a chihuahua and save a life!

the story of princess abby, the chihuahua that won the 2010 world’s ugliest dog contest

californian kathleen francis took home $1,600 friday night after her dog princess abby won the 2010 world’s ugliest dog ® contest before a packed crowd at the sonoma-marin fair in petaluma. princess abby is a chihuahua with a hunched and peculiar walk due to that her back legs are longer than her front. she also has a missing eye, mismatched ears, and an audience-pleasing ability to dance on her two hind feet for treats.

francis said that princess abby was rescued off the streets of clear lake by the humane society five months ago. when the humane society found her she was malnourished and flea-infested. when francis spotted her, she promptly adopted her.

“she’s my best friend. abby’s done more for me that i’ve done for her,” said francis who recently fell on hard times and works at a local department store for minimum wage.

princess abby won the pedigree class from a large field of 14 dogs before going up against the winner of the mutt division, a terrie mix known as chopper–a dog that comic and contest emcee jon reep said was “so hairy if he was dropped in the gulf, he’d absorb all the oil himself.” she then went on to beat the former year winners past from 2009, a boxer with a compelling underbite and rascal from 2002 who now appears in horror movies.

karen “doc” halligan provided vet checks for all of the contestants before the event. after princess abby’s win, she said, “princess abby is the poster child for spaying and neutering your animals. her looks probably stem from being inbred.”

the contest had three celebrity judges: television celebrity and vet halligan, hawthorne television star christina moore, vertical horizon lead singer matt scannell in addition to reep who emceed. reep has appeared on numerous comedy shows and was the winner of last comic standing: season 5. the contest went an extra thirty minutes but the crowd of 3,000 plus stayed rooted to the spot until a winner was declared. the contest sponsor was house of dog who provided the winner with another check for $1,000 and a year round modeling contract. the sonoma-marin fair has been conducting this contest for 22 years and in the last four years has received international attention for it. the world’s ugliest dog ® contest was trademarked fall of 2009.

past world’s ugliest dog ® winners have gone on to raise money and awareness for rescue animals.

the world’s ugliest dog ® contest also included a dog-lover’s festival and an ugly is the new beautiful fashion show in which models walk adoptable dogs from the sonoma humane society. also in attendance were the local animal shelter and canine companions for independence. for pictures and the strey source, visit www.worldsugliestdogcontest.org


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