remembering harley, the one-eyed hero

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harley the hero dog with his happy chihuahua appreciation day sign

in honor of international chihuahua appreciation day this sunday, may 14th, famous chihuahua® wants you to send us a picture of your chihuahua with a sign that says “happy chihuahua appreciation day!” like the picture you see above of the beloved harley.

send your picture to [email protected] by saturday may 13th and it will be featured in our annual international chihuahua appreciation day picture extravaganza this sunday.

harley named the 2015 american hero dog

last year, we dedicated international chihuahua appreciation day to harley, a very special chihuahua that touched the lives of thousands, if not millions.  harley was best known as a little dog with a big dream, whose sole purpose was to help raise awareness about the mistreatment of dogs in puppy mills. 

sadly, he passed away on march 20 of 2016, but famous chihuahua® is on a mission to help keep his legacy alive, so this year we will again ask people to take time from their busy schedules to not only spoil their own chihuahuas this sunday, but to also remember harley, the sweet little dog who shocked everyone when he not only survived the wrath of a puppy mill, but went on to become a true hero.

today harley is known worldwide as the little one-eyed dog whose legacy continues to inspire hope and confidence in people of all ages who are able to relate to his less-than-perfect appearance, and he continues to be the voice for the hundreds of thousands of dogs living in cages in puppy mills today.

(photo credit: harley’s facebook page)  #harleysdream #chihuahuaappreciationday

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