bartholomew chihuahua

looking for the perfect christmas gift? save a life, adopt a chihuahua!

the perfect christmas gift! adopt a chihuahua!

hi famous chihuahua!

i absolutely love your website! while browsing, i noticed the section for chihuahua breeders in the U.S., canada and around the world. while i got my first chihuahua from a breeder, my second chihuahua was adopted from a shelter. i thought you could put the word out that there are tons of pure bred chihuahuas in shelters out there looking for loving homes. they make the perfect christmas gift for a loved one and you have the satisfaction of knowing that you saved a life! is a great place to start your search for the chihuahua of your dreams. it’s where i tracked down my two current dogs. you may have already done this, but it certainly couldn’t hurt, especially with it being the holiday season. here is a picture of mr. tiny bartholomew jingles, my precious chihuahua i adopted from the shelter that i found at Petfinder. as you can see, he’s perfect, adorable and sweet!

happy holidays!


susan storm from chicago, IL


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  • My precious Chi Domino was found on and her mom was rescued from a puppy mill by K9rescue STL and she was born in foster care and adopted by us at 8wks and 2 days. She’s a real blessing to my family. Here’s to a very merry Christmas to all and good luck finding the chi of your life.

  • I couldn’t agree with you more. I wish i could let more people know about all the great chi’s that are in the pounds. seriosuly you can get a designer dog for way less and plus you are saving a life!

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