coco the princess chihuahua

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coco the princess chihuahua

“hello world, i am coco the princess chihuahua! i am 7 months old and live with my mummy leetal in mountain view, california.”

little coco was rescued by leetal and her fiance at a mere 3 weeks old. she was tiny, delicate, helpless and weighed in at less than half a pound. she was taken home immediately where she was bottle fed daily and nourished back to health.

today coco the chihuahua weighs in at a whopping 3.7 pounds and is mummy’s pride and joy. in this picture she sits in the sun looking so perfect. the photo captures her beautiful, delicate and loving personality that leetal and her fiance have grown to love.

famous chihuahua is happy to report that even the most adorable chihuahua puppies can be found at chihuahua rescue organizations. we encourage you to consider adopting a chihuahua before you go to chihuahua breeders.

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