chihuahua in mailbox
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dusty the short-haired, grey chihuahua with attitude!

dusty the short-haired, grey chihuahua with attitude!

“special delivery for famous chihuahua! introducing dusty the chihuahua!”

little dusty is a year and half old and lives with his mommy jennifer nguyen in new haven, connecticut. little dusty can be feisty and will pull an attitude around people he is not familiar with, but he is only being protective and is really a very sweet and affectionate chihuahua.

dusty can also stand on his two hind legs and pretend to box with you; he also follows commands on demand and loves to snack on chicken and baby carrots and play with his small plush stuffed animal toys.

jennifer tells us that dusty is an amazing chihuahua and his presence brings much joy, love, and happiness into her life.


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