farfl the chihuahua

farfl the adorable black purebred chihuahua puppy

farfl the adorable black purebred chihuahua puppy

dear famous chihuahua,

my name is marilla and i’m the proud owner of farfl – a six-month-old black purebred chihuahua puppy with a white tuft on her chest and a white dot on her chin. i got her from sweet’n’saucy chihuahuas, a chihuahua breeder in windsor, ontario, canada when she was 12 weeks old and weighed only about a pound and a half. farfl is now just over three pounds and lives with me, my husband and my daughter in toronto. she is sweet, funny, well-trained and fearless when she goes off-leash in the park and is happy to make friends with any dogs, whatever their size!

farfl’s favorite toy is the red stuffed dog you see in the above picture and her favorite food is tuna from the can. she wishes that jess our cat would be her friend, but jess is unimpressed and smacks her around with her claw less paws. farfl thinks this is a fun game.

farfl has her own website at farfl.com where i blog about what it’s like to own a chihuahua dog, farfl’s progress and post videos of her antics. i love her completely – she makes me laugh, is great company and brings a smile to everyone’s face. i feel very lucky that she is in my life and look forward to taking her home to england one day to meet my family. i am an actress, so am also looking forward to being able to take her into the recording studio with me soon. i love that she can go anywhere with me!

thank you for your wonderful website – i visit it often!

marilla wex of toronto, ontario


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  • I am looking for a female short hair black chihuahua. I has one and she pasted away from old age. She was my everything! She was my best friend, my child and it’s been so hard without her. I would like to find another to keep me company and lift my spirits. Please let me know if you have a puppy like this. Thank You


  • hai marilla, i have this chihuahua black too. you can search @ facebook “siberian Cpd” i have some pic of my dany chihuahua

  • Marilla I have a 7 year old black female chihuahua named Cocoa puff. I named he cocoa because she was black with that white patch on the chin. I said it looked like she had tried to lick hot chocolate and ended up with marshmallow cream on her chin. she also has one of her back feet it looks as if you may have dipped it slightly in the marshmallow cream too. She is a dear to us but she hates people to come into the house. You take her to someone else’s house she doesn’t have a problem with anyone. Not at the vet either. I also have a little black and tan chihuahua that is 12 days older than cocoa puff and from another breeder. He is much more even tempered. we say he’s a lover she’s a fighter 🙂 They are so sweet but they shed so. I do love them to death. thank you for sharing.

  • my chi looks like your beloved farfl too . 🙂 my chi’s name is Jabar and he’s very playful. He’s pure black with white spot on his chin, same built with farfl!

  • hey, that is so weird. i also have a black chihuahua called Disney, she has a white tuft on her chest and white dot on her chin. she looks exactly like farfl! i really thought it was Disney! however im from the UK. what beautiful puppies 🙂

  • I have a 6 month old chihuahua also. Looks exactly like Farfi. You didn’t happen to get him in Iowa did you? We happen to get Buxley (our chihuahua) by a stroke of good luck. We met a woman in Osceola Iowa that had just gotten a puppy from her friend and we fell in love with it! Her friend had only 1 puppy left. So we met her and that is how we became the proud owners of Buxley! Although he was suppose to be a boston terrier/pommeranian mix we are not disappointed at all. He is such a sweetheart and so loved!

  • Amanda O'Connor
    November 27, 2010 8:13 pm

    I just got Chico, he’s my all black Chihuahua. He’s six months old… and he has NO white spots at all.

    He has his own facebook!

  • That looks almost EXACTLY like my Mia! I can’t believe the white spot on the chin was so common. I thought it made her so unique!

  • I have a solid black Chihuahua named Coal. He has one little white spot on his chin. Coal is very protective of our family and an excellent watchdog. Coal can do a few classic tricks like rollover, and fetch, but our favorite by far is when he walks on his hindlegs standing upright. Coal looks almost exactly like Farfl, I swear they could pass as littermates.

  • o.k Farfl is sooo adorable ! I have a little girl chi. Her name is Sissily ( I call he Sissy) She was so tiny when I brought her home I bottlefed her with the tiniest bottle ever. We love our little girls !!

  • Thank you! I think she’s pretty cute, but I’m biased!

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  • She is adorable!

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