zack chihuahua

zack, the fashion-conscious lilac blue chihuahua from london!

ahoy! i'm zack and chihuahua fashion is my thang

Dear famous chihuahua®,

i’d like you to meet Zack, my mischievous six month old lilac blue chihuahua from a chihuahua breeder in the UK. he was bought for me as a present from my husband at twelve weeks old. since i’ve had him he’s completely changed my life and he has me wrapped around his tiny paw!

He is a typical chihuahua male, stubborn, proud and has an enormous heart, he loves to cuddle for hours and can spend a whole day being pampered and spoiled. Unlike most men though, he loves to get dressed up. scouring through his chihuahua clothes is one of his favorite pastimes! He’ll take them from me and spread them out on his cushion like a little prince!

He’s also a magpie and we have to keep an eye on his “light paws” as anything he likes the look of (particularly anything shiny that belongs to me) he’ll take to his bed and “hide” for playing with later! When I take things from him he goes crazy, digging in his bed in frustration just like the naughty chihuahua he is!

Zack loves his food, but his favorite foods are mashed carrots, little cubes of goat’s cheese and roast chicken. it’s not unusual to see me cooking chicken breasts in the evening to mix with his puppy food and heads will roll if he doesn’t get some peas or carrots too.

Thanks to Famous Chihuahua for showing Zack to the world, i think everyone needs to see how adorable he is!


Louise-Ann from London, UK

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  • my bitch has a male yesterday he is gorgeous and we think his colour is lilac he is a silvery blue with light brown in him just like the picture posted on here of the lilac male

  • Adriana0989
    June 29, 2011 8:12 pm

    OMG!!!!! my chihuahua looks EXactly the same!! How awesome!

  • He is so cute and i know what you mean about him wrapping you around his paws. My chi boy “chip” is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and i buy a roasted chicken every week for him. and it seems i have to buy him a new toy every time i’m out. my whole life now is around making him happy since he has given me so much joy, i want to give him the world!!! good luck with him, i’m sure you love him more everyday!

  • thanks guys!

    it sounds like chica is in really good hands now though james and she looks so cute in her jumper!

    Zack loves anything squeaky too, i think it’s the chihuahua warrior in him 🙂


  • James Wells
    April 1, 2011 1:37 pm

    He is adorable… i know about stuborn… (i am the owner of chica, the one below your spot.)

  • he is ADORABLE!!!!! such a sweetie!!!

  • what a cutie

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