zombie chihuahua
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zombie bear, the long-haired chihuahua that can dance the cha cha!

zombie bear the chihuahua patiently waits in the car with an expression on her cute little face that says, hurry up mommy!

dear famous chihuahua®,

this is my long-hair chihuahua zombie, or ‘zombie bear’ as we like to call her because of her long hair. she is 9 months old and from a responsible chihuahua breeder that checks up on her.

zombie loves to munch on carrots, play with her itty bitty yellow tennis ball and barks at our space heaters until we turn them on. in the picture above, zombie is patiently waiting for mommy to take her out to see her friends at the local coffee shop.

my friends and family used to dislike chihuahua’s as they felt they were mean little dogs that barked too much and that they looked ugly. then i brought our little zombie home and their attitudes changed. now they all want a chihuahua of their own and love to visit with zombie. my grandma even calls to check up on her like she was her great grand puppy!

zombie can do the cha cha for treats and she understands who to to go if you say “go to daddy” or “go to mommy”. she is very well behaved and she knows just what to do when i am sad. she looks at me with her big light brown eyes, wiggles her nose a few times and blinks at me as though she were saying, don’t be sad mommy, let’s go play!

i used to get depressed and feel unmotivated for no reason, but with my little zombie now in my life, it’s impossible to feel that way now. i simply can’t imagine what life would be like without her. knowing that she loves me unconditionally makes me very happy.

pawsitively yours,

taylor and johnathan kidd from florida, usa

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  • Andrea Biedron
    March 13, 2017 5:19 am

    Hello! I realize your post here is over nearly 7 years old now, however I still feel the need to write to you. My husband and I also share the same love and realization about Chihuahuas. I used to think they were just pesky little yappers until one walked into our lives a few years ago. I found her on a busy street near a curb! No owners around, only dangerous traffic. I picked her up and in the next few weeks we made diligent efforts to find her owners while at the same time taking her to a vet to be checked out. Turns out she was about 10, had severely decayed and rotting teeth, and she was also prone to frequent seizures. It DID NOT MATTER. We were in LOVE! We named her She-Ra, as she was a mighty little girl, yet so elegant and beautiful. She remained in our lives for nearly 2 years and then was suddenly gone, we believe due to an aneurysm. 🙁 Life has not been the same without her. The first few months after her passing were just the MOST painful experience my husband and I have ever gone through! We were constantly reminded of her absence every day, nearly every move we made while at home. You know how it is, pick her up to go upstairs, pick her up to sit on the couch in your lap. Watch where you step, watch when you open a door, close a door…etc etc. etc. I’m writing because I need help finding another one like her. One that NEEDS you. She was constantly with my husband, she had claimed him and that is where she spent 95% of her time. In his lap, guarding him, loving him, adoring him. Her passing has hit him the hardest. I have to ask, because Zombie Bear appears to look and sound so much like She-Ra, has she any puppies? I’ve been looking for the past year and cannot find any Chi’s that look like She-Ra expect for your deer head long haired little Zombie Bear. How is she? Please post some new pics!

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