update on mimi, the chihuahua involved in florida sexual abuse case

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i'm okay everyone

after speaking with the animal care professionals at the coral springs animal hospital in florida, famous chihuahua is happy to report that mimi, the innocent chihuahua that was sexually assaulted last week, is doing very well. the investigator behind the case has also stated that this is an ongoing criminal investigation, but rest assured little mimi is in good hands.

famous chihuahua had a genuine concern for mimi’s well-being after suffering through such trauma, so we felt it was important to look into the matter with the intention of informing concerned animal cruelty activists from around the globe that mimi is going to be okay and that justice is currently being served.

this case has stirred up a lot of controversy. tomas bautista, the florida man who has admitted to sexually abusing the chihuahua, is currently being held in the broward county jail for cruelty to animal’s, a felony. his status in the united states is that of an illegal alien and he is facing possible deportation.

in our research, famous chihuahua also discovered that only a month ago, a portland man was charged with sexually abusing a chihuahua after being caught on surveillance video. his name is gene fosdick, jr and he was charged with first-degree aggravated animal abuse and sexual assault of an animal. the chihuahua involved in this case is named peanut and belonged to fosdick himself! how is it that someone as deranged as this even owns a chihuahua?

with cases like this, there is now a growing concern over animal sexual abuse and the rate at which it is occurring, better yet, why it is even occurring to begin with. we can not ignore that it is happening and famous chihuahua want’s you to become aware and active in the prevention of animal cruelty.

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ludacris! the adopted chihuahua full of love, affection and kisses!

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kiss, kiss! mommy loves me!

dear famous chihuahua®

this is my chihuahua puppy ludacris! he is only 8 months old and is an adopted chihuahua from the classifieds section of the sacramento bee newspaper!

ludacris loves gold fish crackers and playing with his mouse toy that supposed to be for cats! he is very affectionate and goes up to other animals to lick them clean with a tongue bath, it’s so cute! he also loves to sing for mommy and even though he doesn’t have a lot of chihuahua clothes, he always wears a scarf, a hat and a knitted sweater for boy dogs when he goes outside to protect him from the cold.

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two-year old skin and bone chihuahua left to die rescued just in time!

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famous chihuahua® was both sad and relieved to find out about the rescue story of chico, a chihuahua that survived a very extreme case of animal neglect in fort wayne, indiana. we would like to thank the officers of allen county and the staff at the fort wayne animal care and control for rescuing sweet little chico and for providing this kind of care for neglected animals.

we would also like to take this opportunity to remind people that chihuahuas are precious innocent little creatures that deserve to be in homes filled with love and care, not neglect. please visit the web site at www.fwacc.org if you live in fort wayne or are interested in helping provide the extra care that neglect cases like chico’s need. here is chico’s story:

… 2 year old ailing chihuahua left to die

in an search for 22-year-old juan salas, allen county officers instead found much worse.

“last night when he first came in we didn’t think he was going to make it” says fort wayne animal care and control director belinda lewis. “he was in extreme hypothermia. he was very dehydrated with obviously advanced malnutrition” says lewis.

lewis is talking about chico, a 2-year-old chihuahua, who today is nearly skin and bones, and was shaking from head to paw when fox fort wayne saw him.

yesterday, officers went to an apartment on ralph avenue. they were there to arrest salas, but only his niece and two brothers were home. they found a stolen gun, a large amount of cash, and marijuana in a room where the little girl had been sleeping officers then searched the garage and found what they describe as “a very sickening and stomach turning sight.”

in the corner, rolled up in a towel was little chico, unable to move, left in the dark to die.

when rescued, chico barely had the strength to stand on his own feet

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drunk man arrested for penetration and sexual abuse of a chihuahua

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tomas bautista, chihuahua sexual abuser

famous chihuahua® was horrified to find out that this man sexually assaulted an innocent chihuahua. what kind of a person would even think to victimize such a sweet and innocent creature? his name is tomas bautista and lives in broward, florida. if you see him, be sure to give him a piece of your mind! here is the news story in full.

… 40-year-old man arrested for sexually assaulting chihuahua in oakland park

tomas bautista, of oakland park, was taken into custody thursday evening, on one count of cruelty to an animal, a third-degree felony, said dani moschella, sheriff’s spokeswoman. florida is one of about a dozen states with no law specifically banning sex with animals, records show.

mimi, chihuahua sexual abuse victim

the 3-year-old female chihuahua mix, named mimi, is recovering, said her owner, clemente velasquez, 67, on friday afternoon. after being treated by a veterinarian, “she is now just lying down on the sofa,” velasquez said. “she’s not happy like she normally is.”

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