chico, the long-haired rescue chihuahua mix nicknamed “chiweenie”

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just call me chiweenie

dear famous chihuahua®,

meet my chiweenie, chico! he is a long-haired chihuahua/daschund mix and is approximately 3 years old. he has so much personality, is funny, loving and gets so excited when we come home. he loves to chew on rawhides, dislikes wearing chihuahua clothes and performs what we call the “flipper dance”, where he lays on his back and waves his little flipper paws in the air!

i rescued chico in colorado about 2 years ago. when i decided to move back to maryland, he made the long trip with me and was the best traveling companion. i went through a lot of changes in my life last year and he was there with me every step of the way …loyal, protective and so full of unconditional love.

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chihuahua palooza taking place at east bay shelters week of may 2nd

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come and join in on the chihuahua palooza celebrations!

famous chihuahua is happy to support california’s east bay spca in their chihuahua palooza celebrations! the premise is simple, love your chihuahua, but remember that they are a responsibility requiring proper care and unconditional love. if you can meet the demands of caring and committing to one, then we encourage you to adopt a chihuahua!

did you know that over 2,000 small dogs become homeless in alameda county alone each year? this over-population problem is regional and concentrated in california. so what can you do about it? if you live in the area, you can show your support by joining in on the chihuahua palooza celebrations. here are more details for what you can look forward to.

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..and our easter chihuahua contest winner is peek-a-boo chihuahua!

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congratulations to angelina, from northeast missouri her sweet little chihuahua quila, who is posing as the easter bunny in this fabulous picture! quila is our 2011 famous chihuahua® facebook chihuahua easter picture contest winner!

quila is now officially a “famous chihuahua” and has won an authentic famous chihuahua® dog t-shirt … here are our top picks for this year’s chihuahua easter pictures!

i'm a princess

italy’s marco aurelio’s adorable baby alma, posing pretty as the daughter of flowers!

hurry and take the picture mummy!

vera van munster’s tiki the chihuahua easter bunny! what a trooper for posing in this picture!
stay tuned chihuahua lovers for some more fabulous cinco de mayo chihuahua picture fun!

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meet kahlua! …our latest famous chihuahua fashion doggie model!

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is your chihuahua the next famous chihuahua fashion model?

dear famous chihuahua®,

i’m kahlua and i just wanted to say thank you for the prompt delivery of my new chihuahua clothes! it was an exciting day when my famous chihuahua clothing package arrived and a fashion show was called for! i am without doubt the best dressed chihuahua around. below are fabulous shots of me modeling my clothing from your chihuahua clothes store!

i was born on christmas day and then later moved in with my new “parents” during a very chilly february. mum and dad prepared to keep me warm with a knitted sweater, but had misjudged my size. i was actually smaller than they thought! mummy then searched unsuccessfully several dog stores to try and find a jacket that fit me, but she instead ended up cutting up one of daddy’s skiing socks to keep me warm. it sure wasn’t pretty!

when we discovered the famous chihuahua clothing store, mummy was ecstatic! not only could she search in english (she’s australian), but they delivered to austria where we live and they even had my size, xxs! thank you famous chihuahua for keeping me clothed and warm!

wuff wuff,
kahlua and my mommy tamara fritzke

ps. although daddy is now trying to slow mummy’s shopping spree down and he pretends he didn’t see the last order, we are all three excited and waiting for the postman to bring our royal wedding dog-shirt to wear for prince william and kate’s big day! that photo will be for my next famous chihuahua photo shoot! here are my latest photo shoot pictures!

kahlua strikes a pose in her famous chihuahua hoodie

… me in my styling hoodie from the dog hoodies department of the famous chihuahua store

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