help “many happy returns” save the unwanted chihuahuas of california!

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help save the unwanted chihuahuas of california!

In may 2010, a pilot program, “many happy returns” was launched in conjunction with LAAS and the Humane Society of Knox County Maine (HSKC) whereby chihuahuas unwanted in California would be flown to the East Coast.

Since then, there have been 3 flights, saving 45 chihuahuas. This has been a tremendous success and another shipment is scheduled for this spring. Safety of the dogs is paramount. All dogs are shipped by American Airlines. A veterinarian from Knox County meets the flight at Logan in Boston, along with other shelter staff. Within days all dogs are placed in loving homes. Adopters are pre-screened to expedite the process.

The concept of this self-sustaining program requires only one initial donation that could be recycled for subsequent flights. There is no other such self-sustaining rescue program for Chihuahuas. This concept eliminates the need for fundraising for each individual flight.

The pilot program is looking to expand by locating another shelter and making another donation to begin another series of flights. They are specifically looking for another receiving shelter to begin another chain of flights. If anyone reading this can offer suggestions or be of help to locate another receiving shelter for the unwanted chihuahuas in California, please contact Marge Fithian at [email protected] or by phone at 215-990-3632

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