paris hilton’s 17 dogs: is this fraudulent chihuahua breeding?

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is paris hilton abusing chihuahua breeding privileges?

some time ago, paris hilton revealed that she had 17 dogs on the ellen degeneres show. apparently this was a violation of a los angeles animal statute that allows only three dogs per household. la animal services showed up at her place to investigate the situation. it was discovered that in these snug circumstances, her dogs were breeding in relatively short time periods and that she didn’t want to place the chihuahua puppies in new homes.

this information left famous chihuahua wondering when is it too many? at what point do you draw the line with chihuahua ownership and how could a “celebrity” be so careless when it comes to proper chihuahua care?

let’s face it, if paris was smart she would be neutering her pets and adopting chihuahuas and opening her home up to sheltered chihuahuas, then all these wonderful little rescue dogs could live the good life like they deserve and model her glamorous dog clothing… or is that what it’s really all about, a devious attempt to achieve success by breeding the best chihuahuas to showcase her line of dog clothing? what are your thoughts? we want to know!

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Comments 14

  1. Lora Leef

    It was bothering me that Paris Hilton only had small chihuahuas from breeders instead of adopting a dog and saving a life. I think it’s wrong that she isn’t spaying/neutering her dogs, too. She should adopt, not buy. I also feel like she is discriminating other dog breeds by only buying chihuahuas.

  2. Carla jean

    i personally dont see anything wrong with it, I lived in los angeles, i didnt like the pet limit of 3. i do believe pet owners should be resposible with their animals so guidelines are necessary, but if she is able to care for the chihuahuas, and they all look like they are well kept, fed, and healthy and obviously spoiled then she should not be punished for it as long as eventually they find good homes.

  3. Cindy

    As long as the dogs r being taking care of, and to me it does u peps should not be so judgmental -prob jst jealous……she can

  4. Angie

    Just becuz she is “Paris Hilton”, that in NO WAY means, that she has more liberties or more love to give these precious chichis. she should allow them to be given away to ppl that can’t afford to buy 1 but can afford to take care of 1. IF not, she should be fined (no biggie to her)! I believe she should abide the same laws as everyone else. @ least, she should have to have all of them either spayed or neutered, if she will not be made to follow the same laws as we all do!

  5. Megan

    I think this is an example of how quickly things can spiral out of control and result in animal hording. Paris Hilton has the resources ($) to care for her pets, but by neglecting her obligation to spay/neuter and assure her pets do not reproduce and contribute to the over population, she has created an emotional attachment, handicapping her ability to really care for each dog. The more attached she becomes, the welfare and what is in the best interest of each individual dog becomes fogged by her emotional attachment. I can’t even begin to imagine the chaotic environment in her home, which would be overwhelming and consuming.
    While I am not personally a fan of Paris, I don’t think she intended to breed her dogs. However, by not committing to being a responsible owner and spaying/neutering everyone, she is having a negative influence on the lives of these little dogs. Does she really think that her home is the best place for 17 dogs?! Does she really think that each one would be happier in a smaller pack, able to get more attention, snuggle time and kisses?? Mmm…I don’t think she’s thought of anyone other than herself..and how she doesn’t want to ‘give away her dogs’.

  6. S

    In my point of view, paris hilton has left a skid mark on the faces of all chihuahua owners, especially women. i personally have two, and most people have the general assumption that i’m stuck up and have a paris hilton mentality when it comes to life, simply because of the breed of dog i own.

    there is already a lack of respect for chihuahuas as dogs because of their size, and having an idiot like her on the loose who simply makes us all seem that much more irresponsible and also degrades the entire breed.

    In terms of her having 17 dogs, i believe, that although she might have the funds to pay for them, i highly doubt she offers the amount of love that each individual chi deserves.

    i hate that she’s made it seem like people own chihuahuas as accessories and not loving companions.

  7. CUpcake

    I dont see a problem with her having all these chihuahuas! She obviously loves them and can afford to look after them all well (NOT TO MENTION TIME SINCE.. WELL SHE DOES NOTHING)


  8. Crystal

    She should be able to have as many dogs as she wants, as long as she is taking care of them and this photo proves that…. Obviously she loves them and I am sure can can afford them as well ! Awesome job Paris Hilton….

  9. Stephanie Rodda

    Paris loves animals and simply wants lots of pets, she has a range of other animals too, and has a big enough property for them all.
    she looks after them all properly and lovingly, and that’s the main thing, her intentions are good.
    but i do agree that she should be only adopting and advocating the importance of adopting a pet

  10. JOdie084

    Yikes! I hope this isn’t true but by the looks of 8 little ones just in this pic it probably is. Instead of spending the time dressing 17 dogs everyday she should have them spayed or neutered or pick one of the two. Poor Tinkerbell has to go naked because the 16 other dogs need clothes! Ugh.

  11. debra Cowden

    Paris hilton is the poster child for the kind of person who shouldn’t be allowed to own so much as a gold fish.

    her example is in part why there are so many chihuahuas in shelters and on craig’s list-people view them as disposable accessories. In her case I sincerely hope what goes around comes around.

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