little miss roo, the awe-inspiring chihuahua born without front legs

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little miss roo

meet little miss roo!

this amazing little chihuahua born without her two front legs was rescued earlier this month by steve smith and the good folks at the rolling dog ranch animal sanctuary, a special rescue organization for disabled animals in lancaster, new hampshire.

it’s unknown as to exactly how little miss roo got her name, but it’s likely because she looks a bit like a tiny kangaroo when she’s standing up on her back legs. either way, her chihuahua name is fitting simply because of it’s ‘cute’ factor!

little miss roo can hop around on her hind legs, but she can’t stay up for long periods of time and ends up scooting around on her chest so this sweet little girl is going to get her very own quad wheelchair to cruise around in. she’ll look just like a kangaroo in a go-cart!

little miss roo’s friendly nature makes her so lovable and she is great around other dogs. a total love bug! her little tail twitters so fast when she’s happy and seeing this makes it impossible to not want to pick her up and hold her!

famous chihuahua is happy to report that little miss roo was adopted into a loving home, where she is adored and pampered around the clock. we think little miss roo is fabulous and wish her and her new mommy katherine all the best!

a big “thank you for rescuing little miss roo”also goes out to the steve and the gang at the rolling dog ranch sanctuary! it’s caring and generous people like you that make the world a better place!

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Comments 5

  1. Michelle

    I just adopted a 10 week old Chi that was born without front legs. We are so lucky to have him 🙂

  2. Debbie Jones

    She looks just like our little Ridley! She also requires lots of love and we love giving it to her. Bless you Katherine for adopting her even though she has a disability…she will give you years of joy!

  3. Dusty

    She is beautiful and my heart is full this morning knowing she was rescued and has a wonderful home. The breed is such a loving one. I’m sure she is a big love bug. Congrats to the family that adopted her.

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