bella teacup chihuahua

bella luna, the teacup chihuahua that carries herself like a great dane!

stand back or else little miss bella luna the chihuahua will walk all over you!

dear famous chihuahua®,

meet miss bella luna! tiny, spunky, and full of energy! she’s just a few days short of 7 months and a mere 2.5 lbs. don’t let her size fool you though, she carries herself like she’s a great dane!

bella comes from a reputable chihuahua breeder located in ohio, where we live. i fell instantly in love with her when i first saw her and when i later called the breeder to let her know I was interested in her, she had already been sold. i was super bummed. then, a couple days later, i got a phone call back from the breeder and they told me my sweet little bella was again available due to the sale falling through. it was fate, she was meant to be mine!

some of bella’s favorite things to do are play with her baby chi-sister libby, take walks in the park, snuggle and chew on bully sticks. her health and nutrition is very important to me, so  i feed her high quality dog food, evo red meat small bites. she absolutely loves it! she also loves anything that has peanut butter in it.

bella is my little diva. she loves to dress up in designer chihuahua clothes and has a closet-full of tiny, girly outfits. i take her with me everywhere and she always steals the spotlight because of her cute outfits, petite size, and total cuteness. i had a hard time finding her outfits that fit, so i use tiny socks to create small sweaters for her. it works great and fits the tinies like a glove!

i am so lucky to have bella. i never knew how much a little dog could impact my life. bella is not only a pet, but my loyal companion. just looking at her always makes me smile. my theory is that chihuahuas are like potato chips. you can’t have just one. this explains why 4 months later, i got another little chihuahua puppy 🙂

thank you for featuring my sweet miss bella luna!

my name is amber and i made the pretty little scarf that bella is wearing in the picture above!

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