coco, the teacup chihuahua puppy that dances circles!

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a teacup chihuahua that can dance!

dear famous chihuahua®,

this is my gorgeous chihuahua coco. i got her from a chihuahua breeder in england. she is 7 months and is so tiny that she can pass for a teacup-size chihuahua. coco is very protective of me and she loves to stand on her back legs and dance around in circles.

little coco was given to me as a gift at a time when i was going through a rough period. if there is any dog that can win your heart over, it’s this precious little girl. i cant believe how happy she makes me and how beautiful she is. i think everyone should have the chance to have their heart won over like i have by this adorable little chihuahua puppy.

the picture above was taken when coco was 7 weeks old. she has a wonderful wardrobe of chihuahua clothes that includes a beautiful leopard print jumper and a fabulous chihuahua dog collar that look amazing on her.

‘paws’-i-tively yours,

jodie suggate

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Comments 6

  1. Ana Ortega

    Hi my name is Ana , I have a small yorkie Penelope who had a minuture to medium long hair best friend! However her friend Cosita passed away and she will not stop looking for her and crying, I live with my parents, and they are so sad! Coco would be a life saver for us!!!!!! Sincerely, Ana! 562 508-1309

  2. Janice hill

    I am looking for a teacup long haired Chihuahua or Yorkie. I would love to have Coco. Anyone know where I can find one close to Hanover Md?

  3. alishia

    really want a little puppy the same as this! but cant find one anywhere:( btw this chihuahua is beautiful!:)<3

  4. Post
  5. cecelia lafrance

    I am very lonely without my family.I am on a fixed income,my life is home and church.My
    family and friends say i need a small puppy i
    can handle.I love the chihuahuas first and then
    any other small breeds.please help me find one
    just for me,that i maybe able to afford.
    God Bless whoever can help me.

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