the tiny teacup deerhead chihuahua puppy that loves to give kisses!

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lupita the tiny teacup deerhead chihuahua puppy poses pretty for mommy

dear famous chihuahua®,

i am lupita, a teacup chihuahua that was born from a reputable chihuahua breeder in quito, equidor. i’m3 months old and that’s me in the picture above posing pretty for mommy monica!

i love to snack on pedigree biscrok junior treats and my favorite toy is my soft french poodle, and a chew toy that tastes like chicken, yummies! i am a princess in that i sleep with my head on a pillow, just like mommy does!

i love to give mommy kisses and mommy tells me all the time how much i have enriched her life because i make her happy. i am tiny, but mighty and i will protect my mommy at all costs.

a month ago, i had a really bad cold. i was a very sick chihuahua puppy so mommy was very worried about me. she took me to the veterinarian and he said that i was much too young to drink any medicine and that i might not survive the cold.

my mommy was so concerned and did everything she could to make sure i survived and she proved that this veterinarian was wrong about his diagnosis.

thank you mommy, i love you more than anything in this world!

your little lupita

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  1. monica

    omg! thanks! lupita is very happy she got to share her story with other chihuahuas!
    im sooo proud of my little baby girl… =)

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