runi teacup chihuahua

the rescue story of runy, an apple head chihuahua puppy from china

thank you mommy for rescuing me

nǐ hǎo famous chihuahua®,

this is my teacup-size chihuahua puppy runy. baby runy is a 7 month old apple head chihuahua that was rescued from a pet shop in shanghai, china.

when i saw him for the first time, he had fungal infections all over his chest and ears, but because it was love at first sight (he was so puny and cute) and with his beautiful nature, i wanted to give him a 2nd chance at life, or he would have been thrown out of the shop as he grew bigger. at 4.5 months old, little runy was 900g in weight. the shop owner agreed to pay for all medical expenses and after having him for 2.5 months, he recovered fully.

runy is a perfect companion for me. he is so affectionate and loves children he will always wants to sit on my lap while i am on the computer and he will not allow me to be out of his sight. runy has a very sensitive stomach, so, i try not to feed him anything but his dog food. his favorite play toy is his little stuffed bone. he loves to play fetch and hide-and-seek with our 3 year old cat and heal enjoys watching spongebob on nickelodeon.

runy loves to dress up in cute chihuahua clothes and he jumps with joy when it’s time to put them on! today little runy is a healthy chihuahua that weights 1.6kg and it’s feels amazing to know that we rescued this precious little creature. he means the world to me and i hope his story inspires others to rescue a chihuahua before they buy one from a chihuahua breeder.

fei chang gan xie,
audrey yeo, of shanghai, china

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